10 Lines on Myself

Everyone born in this world is unique and is different from others. The thinking of a person, his personality, the way he talks, his capability, his skills etc are different and unique in nature and so am I. I have many things which are very unique as well as some are the things which are very common among the children of my age.

In spite of so much similarities and differences one thing which stands true always is that everyone is special in his own personality and is apple of the eyes of their parents.

I like watching cartoons, magic shows, playing indoor and outdoor games as the children of my age generally are interested to whereas I am not very much fond of chocolates and candies like other children. I am bit naughty as my mom says but also very innocent as well.

Ten Lines on Myself in English

We have provided 10 lines on Myself which is very common topic for essays and speeches in school competitions especially for the young children. The lines given below are in a very simple language so that you can also directly use them in your writing. You can also use them for your introduction in your class:

10 Lines on Myself – Set 1

1) My name is Aditya Ranade and I am 8 years old.

2) I study in BAV Public School in fourth standard.

3) My father’s name is Mr. Shirish Ranade and mother’s name is Mrs. Uma Ranade.

4) I have one younger sister who studies in first standard in the same school.

5) I like watching cartoons and my favorite cartoon character is Doraemon.

6) I also like to play many outdoor games and I love to play cricket with my friends.

7) I am a very sincere and obedient boy and follow all the instructions of my parents and teachers.

8) I regularly complete my home work and never get let to school.

9) I always pay respect to my elders and strictly follow their advice.

10) I always try to help my mother and father by keeping all the toys at right place after playing with them.

We have also provided an additional set of 10 lines on Myself which will help you to present your essay or paragraph in a better and effective way. It will not only help you to improve you writing but it will also guide you to introduce yourself to others in a very presentable way. Please go through the lines below and use them in your writing as well as communication:

10 Lines on Myself – Set 2

1)  My name is Anjali Sinha, a bright student of class 6th studying in Model Convent School, Delhi.

2) I am the Class Monitor of 6th standard and favorite to all my teachers.

3) My interest lies more in sports and I love to play Badminton.

4) I am also the winner of last year’s Inter-School Badminton Championship.

5) I am not only interested in sports but also a decent student as far as academics is concern.

6) My other hobbies include watching movies, travelling and reading children’s magazines.

7) My family comprises of my mother, my father, my younger sister and my grandparents.

8) I am more close to my mom and my younger sister and I share everything with them.

9) I am very much fond of eating and like to eat lots of Panipuris, Pastries and Cakes.

10) I like to spend most of my time with my family because I enjoy the company of them and I also learn ethics and social values.

Below we have given third set of 10 lines on me for your information. You can use these easy few lines in your school event, where you have to speak special lines on yourself. After going through these 10 points you would be able to give an impressive introduction about yourself.

10 Lines on Myself – Set 3

1) My name is Arvind Kelkar and I am 13 years old.

2) I live with my family in sub urban Mumbai in Kurla division.

3) My father works in a multinational firm and my mother is a housewife.

4) Both of my parents are too busy with their own schedules for five days a week.

5) Weekends are for recreation and we go on picnic in weekends.

6) My hobbies are playing cricket and reading books.

7) I wake up early in the morning to reach the school on time.

8) I morning I don’t face much traffic while on returning the traffic gets a little busy.

9) When home I eat my lunch, rest for a while and start my studies.

10) We always have dinner together when my father returns from his office.

Below we have provided yet another set i.e. 4th set of 10 lines on myself. These points have been written in simple language and are easy to memorize, for you to present them during school events or introductory functions. You can use these important lines to give an impressive narration on myself.

10 Lines on Myself – Set 4

1) My name is Rahul Chinappa and I am 15 years old.

2) I live with my parents and elder sister in Chennai, near the railway station.

3) My father is a businessman and works hard to sustain the family.

4) My mother looks after the house and need of the family members.

5) My house has a small garden of its own, which has a variety of flowers.

6) During vacations we visit our grandparents, who stay in our ancestral village.

7) The climate of Chennai gets really hot and humid in summer.

8) Being coastal area sea plays the main role in sustaining Chennai’s economy.

9) Chennai is a metropolitan city with people from different ethnic and cultural background.

10) I love my city and its people for they are my identity and my pride.

It becomes very easy to say something about some other personality but when it comes to describing yourself, the description should be in a balanced manner and it should be in such a way so that you express yourself to others and others accept and understand you. The description of ‘myself’ will help you to make new friends and express yourself easily.

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