10 Lines on Nationalism

Indian Nationalism is a fabric that unites the people of India across the demographic lines of religion and ethnicity. We can see the Nationalism in the Indians when they celebrate National Festivals or gather to commemorate the struggle and sacrifices of their freedom fighters.

10 Lines on Patriotism

Ten Lines on Nationalism in India in English

I have provided here 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Nationalism for my dear children and students of Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Just go through these lines to find the best one for you:

10 Lines on Nationalism

1) The nationalism is a sense of belonging and responsibility of the people towards their Motherland.

2) Nationalism is important for uniting the people of India across the lines of religion and ethnicity.

3) The Sepoy mutiny of 1857 or the Great Revolt of 1857, both helped in sowing the seeds of nationalism in the Indians.

4) Many political factors contributed to the rise of Indian Nationalism.

5) Many social stigmas arising from the oppressive policies of the British Empire gave rise to a Nationalist fervour among Indian masses.

6) English, as a common communication language, played an important role in infusing Nationalism.

7) Communications, especially through the print media, took Indian Nationalism to a new height.

8)  Different modes of communication, providing ease of travel to Indian masses and political leaders, also played a vital role in the rise of Nationalism among Indians.

9) Nationalism is the most important ingredient of United India.

10) Nationalistic sentiments are at their maximum during National festivals.

10 Lines and Sentences on Nationalism

1) Indian Nationalism is the feeling of devotion, love and pride towards our nation.

2) It was the Indian Nationalism which united our freedom fighters to fight against the British rule.

3) Nationalism is the feeling of pride when our national anthem is played anywhere in the world.

4) It is the nationalism which brings tears in our eyes when India wins a gold medal in the Olympics.

5) Leaving behind our selfishness, and keeping the country first shows our sense of nationalism.

6) The Salt March, Non-Cooperation Movement and Quit India movement by Mahatma Gandhi showed a great form of nationalism.

7) The greatest nationalist Sri Vallabh Bhai Patel had integrated the princely states and laid the stone of united & independent India.

8) The revolt of 1857 was a turning point in the Independence struggle which laid the foundation of freedom from the British rule.

9) It was nationalism which made us a self-reliable political, social and economic system in the world.

10) The nationalism had made India an integrated nation despite huge religious and caste variances.

10 Lines on Nationalism

5 Lines on Nationalism

1) Nationalism teaches us that nation is before everything.

2) Nationalism helps us to show affection towards our country.

3) It is a feeling to love our country the most.

4) Nationalism unites the countrymen.

5) Nationalism makes a country very powerful.

20 Lines on Nationalism

1) Nationalism is nothing but the loyalty and devotion of the Indians towards the country.

2) Nationalism unites us in a spirit of oneness, despite differences in culture and traditions.

3) Nationalism is showing respect, love and gratitude to our motherland.

4) Nationalism strengthens the unity and integrity of our nation.

5) Nationalism brings a sense of pride and honour in us towards India as a nation.

6) We honour our national flag, celebrate national festivals, sing the national anthem, to keep the spirit of nationalism alive.

7) Nationalism is the feature of India as a nation which signifies unity in diversity.

8) India has survived as one nation because of the strong feeling of nationalism and patriotism in its citizens.

9) The nationalism concept came into existence during India’s struggle for freedom against British rule.

10) The ancient texts and epics tell us about the nationalism in ancient periods.

11) Nationalism aims to convert nationality of India into a sovereign or republic state.

12) The growth of nationalism in India has a deeper influence on the social, political and economic structure of the country.

13) Nationalism has led to the emergence of many political units in the post and the pre-independence era of our nation.

14) The military might of our nation in the present and the past has evolved the concept of nationalism in India.

15) The Swadeshi Movement in 1904 helped in the emergence of Indian Nationalism which later became the prime reason for our independence.

16) Nationalism is useful in maintaining cooperation, peace and harmony in various religious groups.

17) Nationalism reduces the chances of internal conflicts or war within a nation.

18) Nationalism ensures the all-round development of humanity without any discrimination.

19) Nationalism protects the national wealth and resources by developing a sense of honour and respect among the citizens for their nation.

20) Nationalism protects the nation from after-effects of globalization like a capitalist and colonial rule.

Nationalism is the ideal for any democratic nation like India, which continues to share the glory of our past. It motivates us to work for the unity and integrity of India and to make a better future for our coming generation. India has successfully maintained nationalism since independence. We hope and will try for maintaining it till the end of life.

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