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10 Lines on Nationalism

Nationalism can be stated as a feeling of belonging and a sense of responsibility that the citizen’s of a Nation feel towards it. Indian Nationalism is a fabric that unites the people of India across the demographic lines of religion and ethnicity. Nationalistic feeling can be found in Indian people when they celebrate National Festivals or gather to commemorate the struggle and sacrifices of their freedom fighters.

Ten Lines on Nationalism in India in English

10 lines on nationalism given below will cater the need of someone who wants to understand the importance of the topic in a summarized way and needs to prepare an essay or to deliver a speech on the occasion of national festivals in schools, colleges or even local gatherings. Please go through the below lines which are in an easy and simple words and earn the appreciation from your teachers:

10 Lines on Nationalism in India - 1

1) Indian Nationalism is a sense of belonging and responsibility felt by Indian people towards their Mother land.

2) Nationalism is important for uniting the people of India across the lines of religion and ethnicity.

3) The seeds of Indian Nationalism were sown during the Sepoy mutiny of 1857 or the Great Revolt of 1857.

4) Many political factors contributed to the rise of Indian Nationalism.

5) Many social stigmas arising from the oppressive policies of the British Empire gave rise to a Nationalist fervor among Indian masses.

6) English as a common communication language played an important role in infusing Nationalism.

7) Communications mostly through print media in form of news papers, pamphlets etc took Indian Nationalism to a new high.

8) Different modes of communication providing ease of travel to Indian masses and political leaders also played a vital role in rise of Nationalism sentiment among Indian masses.

9) Nationalism is the most important ingredient of the United India.

10) Nationalistic sentiments are at their maximum during National festivals.


Additional set of 10 lines given below will amplify your knowledge on the topic. You can include more points in your essay, speeches or paragraph recitation in your class and make them more unique and attractive for the audiences. So go through the below lines and enhance your writing:


10 Lines on Nationalism in India - 2

1) Indian Nationalism is the feeling of devotion, love and pride towards our nation.

2) It was the Indian Nationalism which united our freedom fighters to fight against the British rule.

3) Nationalism is the feeling of pride when our national anthem is played anywhere in the world.

4) It is the nationalism which brings tears in our eyes when India wins a gold medal in the Olympics.

5) Leaving behind our selfishness and keeping the country first exhibits nationalism.

6) The Salt March, Non Cooperation and Quit India movement led by Mahatma Gandhi showed a great form of nationalism and it helped the country unite together and fight against the British rule.

7) It was the strict guidance of Sri Vallabh Bhai Patel who integrated the princely states and laid the stone of our united independent India.

8) The revolt of 1857 was a turning point in the Independence struggle which laid the foundation of freedom from the British rule.

9) It was nationalism which made us a self reliable political, social and economic system in the world.

10) It is the nationalism which makes India an integrated nation in despite having huge religious and caste variances.

Nationalism is a key ingredient in the structure of united India. It is a sentiment that binds together the people from different parts of India having different cultures and languages. It is a display of Nationalistic sentiment when National Anthem is sung in the morning assemblies of schools or before the beginning of new show in cinema halls.  It is only by having a strong feeling of Nationalism that India has remained United since gaining independence from British Empire, and will remain to do so for ages to come.