10 Lines on Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi Jayanti is marked as a National Festival in India, and celebrated portraying feelings of Nationalism and patriotism. Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated with much fanfare and enthusiasm all over India, remembering the teachings and methods of the torchbearer if India’s freedom Movement. Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated amid much excitement, especially in the Schools and colleges.

Ten Lines on Gandhi Jayanti in English

Given below are the 10 lines on the importance of celebrating Gandhi Jayanti.

These lines will cater the need of someone who is preparing an essay on the topic or is going to deliver a speech on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti in schools, colleges or offices.

The lines are in simple yet effective language and incorporating these lines in your writing will help you to make it presentable and appealing. Please go through the below lines and enhance your writing:

10 Lines on Gandhi Jayanti - Set 1

1) Celebrated on 2nd October each Year to commemorate the birth of Mahatma Gandhi.

2) Also celebrated as the International Day of Non violence.

3) Observed as a National Holiday and one of the national festivals of India.

4) India’s political elite pay their respect to Gandhi at his memorial at Rajghat, Delhi.

5) Gandhi’s favorite bhajan ‘Raghupati Raghav Rajaram” is sung to remember him.

6) Plays depicting Gandhi and his life are organized in Schools.

7) Street marches are organized educating people about the values of truthful living.

8) Marked as a dry day throughout India, with liquor and meat shops closed on Gandhi Jayanti.

9) People take to cleaning their schools, offices, societies etc.

10) Celebrating Gandhi Jayanti reinstalls the feeling of Nationalism and Patriotism.

We have also provided an additional set of 10 lines so that you could amplify your knowledge on Gandhi Jayanti. You can use these lines to include more points in your essays, speeches or paragraph recitation in your class and earn accolades for the same. Go through the below lines and incorporate them in your writing:

10 Lines on Gandhi Jayanti - Set 2

1) Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated as a National festival on 2nd October every year to mark the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi.

2) The United Nations adopted a resolution to celebrate 2nd October as the ‘International Day of Non- Violence.

3) It is the one of the three official declared holiday of our country.

4) People all over the world pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on this day and pledge to follow his teachings.

5) Statues and portraits of Mahatma Gandhi are decorated with flowers and garlands all over India and Bhajans are played in his remembrance.

6) Political parties and people gather near Raj Ghat Memorial, Delhi to pay homage to the father of the nation.

7) Many schools and colleges conduct speech competitions, drama, and skits to remember and share the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi.

8) Mahatma Gandhi was a pioneer in non-violence and peace; Gandhi Jayanti marks the remembrance of his ideology.

9) Mahatma Gandhi was always against alcoholism so on Gandhi Jayanti all the liquor shops are closed so that people understand the bad effects of alcoholism on society.

10) It is the best day to know more about Mahatma Gandhi, his teachings, his ideology and his role in the Indian independence.

We have prepared the 3rd set of 10 Lines on Gandhi Jayanti in very easy language and also with basic words. As we all know that it is very important for every Indian to be aware of every fact related to Gandhi Jayanti. The information provided below is prepared keeping in mind the readers of all age groups and you can also use few or all of these points in your essays, speeches or other projects. Reading it is fun so why to make delay, let’s start.

10 Lines on Gandhi Jayanti - Set 3

1) Gandhi Jayanti is a national event that is celebrated annually.

2) It is observed on 2nd October every year with same zeal and devotion.

3) Gandhi Jayanti is the birth anniversary of father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi.

4) All states and union territories in India observe holiday on this day.

5) People from all over India remember Mahatma Gandhi on this day and pray for him.

6) Also they owe to speak truth and support non-violence.

7) People from many political parties gather on Raj-Ghat where Gandhi ji was cremated and pay him tribute.

8) The statues of Mahatma Gandhi all over India are well decorated and worshipped on this day.

9) People also gather at Gandhi Smriti in New Delhi, where Gandhi ji was shot dead, to pay him homage.

10) Children should be taught the importance of Gandhi ji and Gandhi Jayanti regularly.

We are providing the 4th set of 10 lines on Gandhi Jayanti with some other important information. There is a lot to know about Gandhi Jayanti and the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. The facts provided below are very important for you so don’t miss the chance and let’s put a glance.

10 Lines on Gandhi Jayanti - Set 4

1) Gandhi Jayanti is also globally celebrated as the International Non- violence Day.

2) Gandhi Jayanti is non-violence day because Gandhi ji was strong supporter of truth and non-violence.

3) Being celebrated on 2nd October ever year, it is one of the three national festivals in India.

4) Gandhi Jayanti is a gazetted holiday so all the government offices, most of the institutes and business remain closed on this day.

5) Some institutions and organisations plan the art and books exhibitions on this day.

6) Many Schools and Collages also conduct some quiz, essay and other competitions for students.

7) Some award ceremonies are held on this day assuming it the best day for rewarding someone.

8) 2nd October is also the birth anniversary of Lal Bahadur Shastri, the 2nd Prime Minister of India.

9) All the liquor shops remain closed on this day because Gandhi ji was strictly against use of alcohol.

10) Gandhi Jayanti is a very pious and patriotic day so we should maintain its legacy.

We all must actively participate in Gandhi Jayanti celebrations as it commemorates the freedom fighter who showed us the way to Swaraj, applying his simple methods of truth and nonviolence. It gives us a chance of show our respect for the Father of the Nation.

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