10 Lines on Digitalization

Digitalization is a word which is very common these days. It is a part of modern life. Apart from its various applications we do have some advantages as well as disadvantages. During the emergence of Covid-19 pandemic, various digital platform came into play.

Ten Lines on Digitalization in English

Here, I’m presenting ten simple lines on Digitalization in English in the form of sets on Digitalization in very easy language so that you can understand this topic easily in very less period of time.

Set 1

1) Digitalization refers to the use of digital methods to improve business processes.

2) It provides power to our fingers; one touch can do many tasks.

3) Digitalization makes it easier to connect with others from different places.

4) Due to its fast pace technology, digitalization will save our time.

5) It also saves money as we need not to go anywhere.

6) It opens new job opportunities for youth.

7) Many digital platforms are prone to security issues like hacking.

8) Therefore, trusting an unreliable resource may be dangerous.

9) Privacy is another concern associated with it.

10) However, it offers better customer experience.

Set 2

1) Digitalization refers to the process of shifting to a digital world.

2) Digital platforms can be use by everyone.

3) Some examples of digitalization are e-banking, e-commerce, e-payments, etc.

4) Digitalization can be a drawback for uneducated people.

5) On 1 July 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the campaign of Digital India.

6) It could be useful to control corruption in the country.

7) It is helpful to improve the economy of country.

8) It will reduce manpower thus reducing jobs of unskilled workers.

9) However, it will reduce chance of human error.

10) This makes working of traditional system more efficient.

Digitalization helps in the overall development of society as well as the country. “Digital India” is becoming increasingly popular in India. Apart from enjoying the new experience we do have our “Digital Identification” which is the unique identification given to all the citizen of India.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Who is known as father of Digital India?

Ans. Sam Pitroda (Indian Telecommunication engineer) is referred as father of Digital India.

Q.2 What are the 9 pillars of Digital India?

Ans. Nine pillars of Digital India are:
1- Broadband highways.
2- Universal connectivity with mobile phones.
3- Public Internet Access Program.
4- E-Governance.
5- eKranti.
6- Information for All.
7- Electronics Manufacturing.
8- IT for Jobs.
9- Early Harvest Programs.