English Grammar

We can say English grammar a system of language which helps people to learn English in simple and easy way and improve confidence level. It helps in understanding and learning English language very well. It helps us like a friend whole life. Grammar is like a good teacher which teaches us to learn, write and speak English language very well. It helps in making own dignity in the society.

English grammar can be defined as:

“The whole system and structure of a language or of languages in general, usually taken as consisting of syntax and morphology (including inflections) and sometimes also phonology and semantics.”

It can also be defined as:

“The systematic study and description of a language.”

“Grammar is the structural foundation of our ability to express ourselves.”

“Grammar is the system of a language. People sometimes describe grammar as the “rules” of a language.”

How to Learn

Learning English grammar is a step by step process which needs very dedicated, deep and careful study to be very clear about its all the systematic rules and regulations. It is a quite long process of completing English grammar however very easy, simple and interesting. In order to learn grammar one need to go through the step by step process very deeply and dedicatedly.

Some people think that it is very difficult to learn English grammar and they get away. Learning grammar provides clear view and explanation of the English language. There are some important building blocks which helps in learning English grammar in step by step process.

Learning whole grammar helps in improving your English grammatical skill and confidence level. English has been a most common language in the modern era in almost all the countries. It has been very necessary to learn English especially for developing nations. Some people take it as a new and boring language however do not know that it is required for their own success. Now-a-days, English language is required in almost all the fields for getting good job. Here are some points which help you to learn grammar easily:

  • You should go slow with step by step process to learn grammar.
  • Reading grammar a day more than the capacity will create confusion and mix up all the rules.
  • Together with the grammar you should also go through the vocabulary, phrases, and other basics of the English.
  • After studying, you must practice through writing and speaking the same.
  • You should dedicate and continue yourself everyday while learning English.
  • You should be sure that what you are learning is correct and in right way.

Why do we need to Study It

In the world of technological advancement, it has been very necessary to learn English for everyone especially youngsters in order to get success in the future. The purpose of learning English is not only to get understanding of a new language however to have proper understanding of it as a human language.

We all have almost the same capacity of learning so we should not be hopeless while learning English and continue our learning with full patience. We can understand properly by taking an example of a new born child. A new born child knows nothing when he/she born however slowly learn the languages what he/she hears in his/her surrounding. If he/she hears English, learns the same and if hears Hindi, learns Hindi and same is true for other languages.

It helps in getting capable to put words together in systematic and reasonable manner to make a sentence and write some paragraphs, story, poem, letter, essay, etc. Learning English grammar helps one to face all the challenges in other countries. Grammar is the base to learn, write and speak English.

It explores the creative ability and solves many problems of a person. It creates a potential within us which is controlled by grammar rules. Its makes us more aware about things going on by providing us strength and flexibility. It makes us able to speak and write English language more effectively and skillfully.

Basic English Grammar

Basics of English Learning

Parts of Speech


Modal Auxiliary Verbs

Punctuations in English

Spelling Rules

Subject-Verb Agreement



Present Tense

Past Tense

Future Tense


Parts of Sentence

Types of Sentence

  • Sentence Classification Based on Function

Declarative Sentence
Negative Sentence
Interrogative Sentence
Imperative Sentence
Exclamatory Sentence

  • Sentence Classification Based on Structure

Simple Sentence
Compound Sentence
Complex Sentence
Complex-Compound Sentence

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