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Opposite Words

English Opposite Words for kids and children 10 Opposite Words in English Word Opposite Word 1 Boy girl 2 Bad good 3 Fast slow 4 Full empty 5 Happy sad 6 Hard easy 7 Light dark 8 Night day 9 Open closed 10 Up down 15 Opposite Words in English Word Opposite Word 1 Above …

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Rainbow Colours Name

Every object, be it a car, a house, a flower, a tree, a bus, a fruit, or a high-rise building in the city, has its own distinct visual appearance. When talking of colors, the first thing that hit our mind is the rainbow. Due to this, we love when it rains outside. Rainbows are curved, …

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Colours Name

The world is full of colors. When we see our right or left, we will find different colors. While we are familiar with the names of some of these colors, there are a few colors whose characteristics remain a mystery to us. There are a lot of specific names for colors in English, but today …

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