10 Lines on My Pet Dog

Animals play an equal role in balancing the ecosystem. Apart from this, they are helpful for human in many ways. People love to keep many animals as a pet in their home. Among them, a dog is such an animal which you can find as a pet in most of the houses. Let’s read about it through the sets of 10 lines below.

Ten Lines on My Pet Dog in English

10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on My Pet Dog are given below in the form of few sets for the students of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in very easy language. Just go through them and get your needed one:

10 Lines on My Pet Dog

1) I have a pet dog, and its name is Jimmy.

2) It is of Pomeranian breed and two years old.

3) She is white with light brown stripes on her back.

4) She looks very cute and adorable and is favourite of every family member.

5) Her favourite food is bread soaked in milk and Pedigree.

6) She loves to take a bath, especially in the summer and sleeps in the bathroom the whole day in case of extreme heat waves.

7) She is generally well-behaving but naughty at times.

8) She likes to wear a sweater during winter and feels cosy in it.

9) She welcomes me in the evening and shows her affection by licking my feet.

10) She is more than a family member to us, and everyone loves her.

10 Lines and Sentences on My Pet Dog

1) I have a pet dog, and his name is Sheru.

2) He is three years old, huge built, brown-coloured German shepherd dog.

3) He loves our family members but is aggressive to strangers.

4) He protects our house especially during nights, and no one dares to come in front of him.

5) Apart from being loyal, German Shepherds are very obedient and intelligent, so they are also good sniffer dogs.

6) Though Sheru is fierce, he is friendly too.

7) He chases all the stray dogs that tend to enter our house.

8) Physical activities like running, playing, jumping etc. make him happier, and he doesn’t like sitting idle.

9) Sheru is very protective of us and attacks anyone who tries to misbehave or harm us.

10) It is always exciting to play with Sheru, and everyone, especially my younger brother, enjoys playing with him.

10 Lines on My Pet Dog

5 Lines on My Pet Dog

1) Dogs are very cute and faithful pets.

2) I have a male dog as my pet.

3) My pet dog loves playing with me every time.

4) My dog likes chicken very much.

5) My dog never let any stranger enter my house.

20 Lines on My Pet Dog

1) My pet dog’s name is Tommy, and he is of Labrador breed.

2) The good built and fade white colour makes it look unique among other dogs in our society.

3) Labradors are a very intelligent and smart breed of dogs hence used in various security agencies.

4) The barking sound of Tommy is very high and scares most visitors on the road.

5) Tommy also easily gets along with my other pet dogs which are of different breeds.

6) Labradors never forget people, and so our Tommy always recognizes people whom he had met earlier.

7) Tommy is very friendly and playful, and we can spend time with him without getting bored.

8) He also helps us in finding balls which we lose while playing cricket.

9) Strangers are afraid of Tommy, so it also acts as our security guard.

10) Everyone in our family and neighbourhood is fond of Tommy, and we all love him very much.

11) Pet dogs are the best companions and help in reducing our stress.

12) I also have a Pug breed dog and we have named it Rex.

13) Pugs are a very popular dog breed.

14) Rex is small in size with a height of only half feet and looks very adorable.

15) The distinct features of Rex make him look very attractive and cute.

16) Rex is even-tempered and charming, which makes him very popular among children.

17) Pugs could not bear high temperatures, so they need a cool environment during summers.

18) Rex spends most of his time near coolers during the summer.

19) Rex’s affectionate devotion towards us makes him our best companion and a source of joy.

20) Rex is an integral part of our family and always stays with us wherever we go.

Almost everyone has kept dogs as a pet animal at some point in time. Dogs are the best pet animals to keep. They are very faithful to their master and also helpful in their daily activities. The loyalty that a dog shows towards their master is the biggest thing what human can learn from them. They are the friends of men who are always loyal to them in their good or bad times, and what they need is just a small piece of bread and lots of love.

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