10 Lines on Importance of National Festivals of India

National festivals play an important role in planting the seed of nationalism and patriotism among the people of India. Celebration of these festivals commemorates the sacrifices of our great leaders and freedom fighters who laid down their lives in the foundation of this country. It also helps to cherish the thoughts and ideologies of the great personalities of our nation. It is our national festival which unites the whole country for celebrating under one roof portraying national unity and patriotism.

10 Lines on National Festivals of India

Ten Lines on Importance of National Festivals of India in English

I have provided here 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Importance of National Festivals of India for my dear children and students of Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Just go through these lines to find the best one for you:

10 Lines on Importance of National Festivals of India

1) National Festivals teach us the value of our constitution and its necessity for good governance.

2) National Festivals inspire us to be self-reliant.

3) They make the world know about our military capabilities.

4) National Festivals of India informs the world about technological advancements of India.

5) They unite the whole Nation against a social or National Cause.

6) They commemorate the sacrifice of freedom fighters.

7) The national festivals are an award to the Soldiers for their brave deeds in the battlefields.

8) National Festivals teach us to be simple yet resilient to any oppression.

9) They teach us the value of nonviolence and simple way of life.

10) National Festivals Advocates Equality among all the classes of society.

10 Lines and Sentences on Importance of National Festivals of India

1) The National festivals of India mark the remembrance of our great leaders and their sacrifice to build the nation.

2) Republic Day commemorates the adoption of the constitution of India and showcases that India is the largest democracy in the world.

3) The Independence Day celebration marks the freedom of India from British rule and exhibits the power of nationalism and unity.

4) Gandhi Jayanti showcases, that, we don’t need guns and bullets to win all the battles, we can win through non-violence too.

5) These festivals remind us of the great historic events which have changed the face of our nation.

6) The national festival celebration helps to plant the seeds of nationalism in the younger generation.

7) The unity and patriotism at the time of the national festival celebration showcase the unity in diversity.

8) Gandhi Jayanti helps the younger generation in understanding the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi and its importance.

9) National festivals help in presenting the country’s social, political and economic development.

10) At the time of national festivals, people forget their rivalry and unite together to celebrate the festival of the nation, and there flows a scent of patriotism in the air.

5 Lines on Importance of National Festivals of India

1) National festivals induce patriotism among countrymen.

2) National festival unites the countrymen.

3) Celebration of national festival connects the countrymen.

4) National festivals let us remember the great martyrs of the country.

5) National festivals are celebrated by people with pride.

20 Lines on Importance of National Festivals of India

1) The national festivals bind together the people of different religions and communities.

2) They are the occasions to remember our freedom fighters and their unforgettable sacrifice.

3) These festivals help us to realize the importance of our nation and its resources.

4) With the help of National Festivals, every individual comes to know the history of his nation.

5) National Festivals play a crucial role in spreading the concept of brotherhood and co-operation among people.

6) Cultural Events organized on these days teach the students the importance of the history of the nation and motivate them.

7) These festivals also help in creating a cultural unity.

8) National Festivals like Gandhi Jayanti inspire us to live a life of truth and Non-violence.

9) National festivals are a reminder of the social and cultural history of the Nation.

10) National Festivals are Holidays for all so we can enjoy the cultural events together and also can participate in them.

11) The national festivals play a significant role in highlighting the importance of democracy and secular harmony in India.

12) The three national festivals Republic Day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti present India’s rich history.

13) The national festivals allow youth to showcase the love for India, and the desire to make it a better nation.

14) National festivals help us realize the importance of India as a nation, our duty towards it and live in peace with fellow citizens.

15) National festivals unite citizens of different cultures and religions for the national interest.

16) Schools, offices and NGOs organize several community events highlighting the social causes on the national festivals.

17) The national festivals make the current generation aware of the glorious past of India, and the role of freedom fighters.

18) Gandhi Jayanti motivates the young minds with the ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi.

19) Independence Day is the celebration of the spirit of freedom and the tribute to our freedom fighters.

20) Republic day celebration emphasizes the importance of the Indian constitution in the nation-building.

National festival teaches us the importance of nationalism in the development of a country. This is the occasion when people forget their differences and unite together to celebrate the festival with a feeling of national integration. National festivals are a national treasure; they hold their importance to deep-rooted cultural and spiritual values and remind us of the sacrifices of our freedom fighters and national leaders.

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