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10 Lines on Importance of National Festivals of India

National festivals play an important role in planting the seed of nationalism and patriotism among the people of India. Celebration of these festivals commemorates the sacrifices of our great leaders and freedom fighters who laid down their lives in the foundation of this country. It also helps to cherish the thoughts and ideologies of the great personalities of our nation.

National festivals of India must be given due credit of uniting the whole country for celebrating under one roof portraying national unity and patriotism.

Ten Lines on Importance of National Festivals of India in English

We have brought few lines which will give you the essence on importance of celebrating the national festivals of India. These 10 lines will help you to know the importance of national festivals and you can incorporate these lines in your essays and speeches and make them more presentable and appealing. So please go through the below lines and enhance your essays and speeches:

10 Lines on Importance of National Festivals of India - 1

1) National Festivals teach us the Constitution and its necessity for good governance.

2) National Festivals inspire us to be self reliant.

3) Let the world know about our military capabilities.

4) National Festivals of India educates the rest of the world about Technological advancements made by India.

5) They unite the whole Nation against a social or National Cause.

6) They commemorate the sacrifice of freedom fighters.

7) Awards the Soldiers for their brave deeds in the battlefields.

8) National Festivals teach us to be simple yet resilient to any oppression.

9) National Festivals teach Nonviolence and simple way of life.

10) National Festivals Advocates Equality among all the classes of society.


The additional set of 10 lines given below will amplify your knowledge on the topic and will support you in your essays, speeches or even paragraph recitation in your classes on various national festivals celebration in your schools. Please go through the below lines and earn accolades from your teachers:


10 Lines on Importance of National Festivals of India - 2

1) The National festivals of India mark the remembrance of our great leaders and their sacrifice to build the nation.

2) The Republic Day commemorates the adoption of constitution of India and showcases that India is the largest democracy in the world.

3) The Independence Day celebration marks the freedom of India from the British rule and exhibits the power of nationalism and unity.

4) Gandhi Jayanti showcases that all battles are not only won by guns and bullets it could also be won by non-violence.

5) National festivals are the day when we remember the great historic events of national importance which have changed the present face of our nation.

6) The national festival celebration helps to plant the seeds of nationalism in the younger generation.

7) The unity and patriotism at the time of national festival celebration showcases the unity in diversity.

8) Celebration of Gandhi Jayanti in schools and colleges helps the younger generation understand the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi and its importance in the modern world.

9) National festival celebrations also help to showcase the country’s social, political and economical development to the world.

10) At the time of national festivals people forget their personal rivalry and unite together to celebrate the festival of nation and there flows a scent of patriotism in the air.

National festival teaches us the importance of nationalism in building and development of a country. This is the occasion when people forget their personal differences and unite together to celebrate the festival with a feeling of national integration. National festivals are national treasure; they hold their importance to deep rooted cultural and spiritual values and remind us of the sacrifices of our freedom fighters and national leaders.