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10 Lines on Importance of National Flag

National flag is the depiction of a country’s social, economical and political values. A national flag of a country is national honor. It carries the values on which the mere foundation of that nation is based. Indian National Flag is of utmost importance for the people of India and hold much spiritual value for them. It is the roof under which the feeling of nationalism and patriotism flourishes.

It represents the hopes and aspiration for the citizen of its country and a symbol of national pride. It is not just a piece of cloth but a feeling of pride which helps the soldiers to sacrifice their lives just keep it flying high in the sky.

Ten Lines on Importance of National Flag in English

Following are the 10 lines on national flag which showcases its importance for a country. These lines will help you to write an essay on the topic or you can also prepare a short speech to be given in your morning assembly. You can summarise these lines easily and write paragraph in your exams too. Please go through the below lines and use them in multiple ways:

10 Lines on Importance of National Flag - 1

1) National Flag is a symbol of freedom or self rule.

2) National Flag is a symbol of National pride.

3) Symbol of the political development of India.

4) Provides spiritual guidance to the people of India.

5) It is a symbol of united India.

6) It is a symbol of the rule of self governance of the Nation.

7) Reminds us of the courage and sacrifice of freedom fighters.

8) Teaches us to be grateful to Mother India for sustaining our needs.

9) Teaches us to live in peace and harmony with all living beings.

10) Displayed as a symbol of National joy on National festivals.


The additional set of 10 lines on the topic given below will help you to amplify your knowledge and you can incorporate them in your creativity especially on the Armed Force Flag Day celebrated on 7th December. You can use them in paragraph recitation in your assembly also on this occasion. Please go through the below lines and use them to enhance your writing


10 Lines on Importance of National Flag - 2

1) National flag is very important since it portrays the country to the rest of the world.

2) National flag is always a symbol of pride, patriotism and self reliance.

3) A national flag depicts the country’s political and social culture.

4) It reminds the sacrifices and struggle of our great leaders to build the nation.

5) It helps to unite the citizens of a country under a single flag.

6) It symbolizes the political, social and economical development of a country.

7) It showcases the sovereignty of a country to rest of the world.

8) The color and symbol in the flag provides guidance to the people of the country.

9) It helps to nurture the feeling of nationalism.

10) Displayed as the symbol of national unity and harmony.

Our National Flag is a heritage to be preserved and protected at any cost. It is a symbol of Nation’s pride. We the people of India are guided by the Indian National Flag to our path of truth, righteousness and unity. Indian National Flag reminds us that the idea of a united India would not have been possible without a “National Flag” accepted by all the states and people of India.