10 Lines on My Father My Hero

Every one admires his or her father and has a sense of respect for him. He is the pillar of our family and one who heads our families. He is the one who is always present to protect his family and bears all the difficulties and troubles just to bring smile on our faces. He works hard for days and nights so that he could fulfill all our dreams.

He is the source of inspiration for us and we dream of becoming an individual like him. His family is the highest priority for him and he could do anything for us.

Ten Lines on My Father My Hero

Set 1

1) My father is my hero and the best person in my life.

2) He is the one whom I look upon for all my dreams and desires.

3) He faces all the difficulties of life without letting it to come on us.

4) He helps me in my studies and solves all my major and minor problems.

5) He sacrifices all his desires so that we can live happily.

6) My father is the one whom I reach when I am not able to handle things in my life.

7) My father is my first teacher who teaches me all the manners and ethics of life.

8) He is the one who guides me in every decision of my life.

9) He is also much disciplined and does not tolerate any mischief.

10) My father is my Hero because he is the one who introduces us with the happiness of life.

Set 2

1) My father is my hero because he had struggled a lot in life to give us all the luxuries of life.

2) He respects my mother and also helps her in household chores whenever he gets time.

3) Being a father is not easy, it comes with great responsibilities and my dad undergoes his duty in a very responsible way.

4) My father also acts a bodyguard so that no one could harm us.

5) My father has answers to all my questions and that too in a very easy and simple way.

6) Whenever there is a problem in our life my father always stands beside us.

7) My dad believes in simple living and high thinking and also wants that to instill in us.

8) My father is my best friend with whom I share everything.

9) He is the one who cares and nurture us to become a responsible individual and achieve success in our life.

10) My father is my hero and also a source of inspiration for me to become an individual like him.

Set 3

1) My father is my best friend and hero because he always stays by my side in every situation.

2) My father is my hero because he is always well composed and well mannered.

3) He never lets anyone disappointed, be it family, friends or relatives.

4) My father taught me to be independent, brave and face the world with courage.

5) My father always has my back in case I got caught up in an unwanted situation.

6) My father always listens patiently to what I have to say and replies appropriately.

7) My father helped me in realizing the future and make a plan for it.

8) My relationship with my father forms the foundation of my progress in life.

9) My father is like a guiding light showing me the way through darkness.

10) My father has always inspired me and will continue to do so throughout my life.

Set 4

1) My father is my guardian, care taker and protector in adversity.

2) One of the reasons for my father being my hero is that I have never met anyone equal to him yet.

3) I always wanted and always aspire to become like my father.

4) My father is very kind hearted, considerate and compassionate towards others.

5) My father did to me what nobody ever did – he believed in me.

6) My father set his goals, dreams and aspiration not for himself but for the family as well.

7) My father will always love it even when I grow taller, wiser and stronger than him.

8) My father is the best story teller, entertainer, companion and friend.

9) Today what I am and tomorrow what I will be, all is inspired by my father.

10) My father has faced several adversities, but has never let me feel their effects.

Father is the head and the protector of the family who loves his children equally. He is the one who can go at any level just to protect his family. My father not only guides us but also shares his good and bad experiences of life so that we take lesson from it and achieve success in life.

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