10 Lines on My Father

Father is the male parent of a child who takes care of each and every member in the family. He is the one who earns for our livelihood and fulfills our needs and demands. He is the one of the most important part of the family on whom the whole family relies.

Apart from maintaining discipline in the family he also acts as a guide in the times when we are caught in the web of life. He is the one who shows us the right path and motivates us to reach our goal of life. A father is the one who stands strong besides his family and protects them from all the evil things of the society. He acts as a root of the family tree and binds everyone in the family.

Ten Lines on My Father in English

Below you will find 10 lines on My Father which will give you an idea if you have to write an essay on My Father. You can use these lines in your speeches or paragraph recitation in your class. The lines are in very simple language and can be easily remembered so that it could help you in your exams when you get to write an essay or paragraph on My Father:

10 Lines on My Father – 1

1) My father is the most beloved person in my family and he loves me the most.

2) He is the one who fulfills our needs and wishes without any complain.

3) My father always believes me and shows a sense of confidence in me.

4) Whenever I feel depressed or sad he is the one who motivates me with his words.

5) His love towards me and other family members is selfless and unconditional.

6) He is the one on whom whole family can rely and depend.

7) He might also sometimes become angry whenever we do not follow the discipline of the house.

8) He always motivates us to do well in exams an also helps in our studies.

9) He solves all our issues happily but never lets his personal problems come to us.

10) My father is my hero and will always be my guiding soul and motivator for life.


Please also go through an additional set of 10 lines on My Father which will further help you to enhance your thinking and you can easily recollects ideas from these lines in your paragraph writing or even in giving surprise to your father on the occasion of ‘Father’s Day’ observed on 16th June. Use these lines and earn appreciations from your parents and teachers:


10 Lines on My Father -2

1) My father is my best friend and I can share each and everything with him.

2) He works in the agriculture department and guides the farmers to increase their yield.

3) He is the one who works hard for the family so that we could live a happy and prosperous life.

4) My father is a very gentle person and he is always ready to help others whenever they face any problem.

5) My father is an animal lover and whenever he gets time he feeds the stray dogs and cows of our society.

6) He also works for a social work organization which helps poor families to become financially self dependent.

7) In spite of having such a busy schedule he always takes us out on Sundays and holidays and spends time with us.

8) My father is also the protector of our family and saves us from falling prey to the evil things of the society.

9) The respect and care he shows towards his parents acts as an inspiration to me and my siblings.

10) My father acts as a guiding force which will help me to reach the apex of success in my life.

My father is the one who is always present behind me in my thick and thin. He is always there to support me whenever I tend to fall. Our parents are the one who brought us in this world and made us capable to reach new heights. It is our prime responsibility to reciprocate the love and care our parents have given to us by providing our strong shoulder for support when they grow old.