10 Lines on Natural Resources

Air, water, coal, petroleum, forest, natural gases, mineral, soil etc. are very important for the survival of human being. Has the human made them? No, there are available to us by the nature. They are the natural resources about which you can read in the sets of 10 lines below.

Ten Lines on Natural Resources in English

Find here some well written sets of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Natural Resources for students of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can get some help in your study from these lines.

10 Lines on Natural Resources

1) Natural resources are naturally available in our environment like air, water, land, coal, petroleum, minerals etc.

2) They are essential for all the living being on this planet.

3) They play a vital role in providing the three necessities of life like food, clothing and shelter.

4) Their classification happens on the basis of their source of origin and their renewability.

5) Biotic resources come from organic materials, like coal and petroleum.

6) Abiotic resources come from non-living materials like air, water, land, metals etc.

7) Based on their renewability, they are either renewable or non-renewable resources.

8) Renewable resources are available in a large amount and can have recycled over a while like a sun, air, water etc.

9) Non-renewable resources cannot recover once consumed like Fossil fuels.

10) The greed of the human race has made the over usage of the natural resources leading it on the verge of its exhaustion.

10 Lines and Sentences on Natural Resources

1) Resources which are available in abundant and not intervened by human are the natural resources.

2) Natural resources derive from nature and develop by using its surrounding environment.

3) Some natural resources take millions of years to replenish.

4) Apart from the conservation of these resources, optimal utilization is also necessary.

5) The over-consumption of natural resources has made these resources depleted over some time.

6) Rapid industrialization and urbanization have not only increased the demand for these resources but also started polluting many of them.

7) Natural resources like Air, Water and Soil are getting polluted day by day and posing a risk for the future generations.

8) The scarcity and pollution of these natural resources have also started affecting the ecosystem and biodiversity of our planet.

9) In 1982, the UN had developed a World Charter for Nature to recognize the need for conserving nature.

10) Natural resources are the foundation of the survival of the human race.

5 Lines on Natural Resources

1) Natural resources are given by nature.

2) They are not man-made.

3) Air, water, trees, etc are some examples of natural resources.

4) They are available in renewable and non-renewable forms.

5) They take time to replenish.

20 Lines on Natural Resources

1) Natural resources are the resources that exist in the environment in their natural forms.

2) Earth natural resources include water, air, sunlight, minerals, vegetation, crops, flora and fauna etc.

3) Natural resources are utilities which we use for certain benefits.

4) Natural resources may also exist in alternate forms like metal ores, which needs processing to use.

5) Resources, obtained from living organisms, are the biotic resources.

6) Resources obtained from non-living materials are Abiotic resources.

7) Natural resources are depleting due to human interference and activities.

8) Natural resources like water come in use over and over again are the renewable resource.

9) Resources like coal are non-renewable resources as they don’t generate.

10) Natural resources must be used wisely as they are limited and will eventually run out when wasted.

11) Resources that are available in our natural environment in their pristine form are natural resources.

12) Different places have different natural resources as tea grows in Darjeeling while spices in Kerala.

13) It is from the natural resources that humans obtain commodities necessary for their survival.

14) Overpopulation leads to over-exploitation of natural resources leading to their depletion.

15) Large scale farming and urbanization have taken up the space occupied by the natural resources.

16) Land pollution and chemical fertilizers have depleted our most essential freshwater resources.

17) Climate change and global warming also threaten the existence of our natural resources.

18) Extinction of natural resources will make survival impossible for humans as well as animals.

19) Not only humans but also animals, aquatic species, birds, plants all depend on natural resources.

20) Future of life on earth depends on how humans utilize the available natural resources.

Natural resources are the basis of life on our planet. The greed and irresponsibility of the human race have made the natural resources depleted as well as polluted and contaminated. They are not only essential for the survival of all living beings but also the economic and financial development of a country. It is our prime responsibility to conserve our natural resources so that it is available for our future generation.

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