10 Lines on Conservation of Natural Resources

Natural resources are available easily in nature but few of the non-renewable natural resources like coal and fossil fuels which are present in limited quantity take years to get replenished in the environment. We must use non-renewable natural resources very cautiously and should avoid their wastage. Sunlight, water, fossil fuels, coals, minerals, natural gas, woods, and timber are an example of natural resources. The natural resources help in maintaining the ecological balance in nature and sustaining life on the earth.

Ten Lines on Conservation of Natural Resources in English

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10 Lines on Conservation of Natural Resources

1) Natural resources refer to substances being available to us by nature for economic gain.

2) Minerals, water, sunlight, natural vegetation are examples of natural resources.

3) It is our responsibility to conserve natural resources so that they can be used for a longer period.

4) The continued exploitation of natural resources has led to a major imbalance in nature.

5) Conservation of non-renewable natural resources like fossil fuels, coal is essential due to their limited presence in nature.

6) The burgeoning population has increased the rate of exploitation of natural resources.

7) We have to limit the consumption of natural resources and should try to be dependent on renewable resources.

8) Conservation of natural resources like trees and water leads to a pollution-free environment.

9) If we continue to exploit the natural resources, survival on planet earth would be a challenging task.

10) Governments, civil communities should take effective actions for conserving natural resources for a better future.

10 Lines and Sentences on Conservation of Natural Resources

1) We can conserve natural resources for future generations in our daily life in various ways.

2) Saving electricity can conserve a large amount of water and coal.

3) We can limit the consumption of petroleum by choosing public transport in our daily commute.

4) Promoting digital technology can save a lot of paper which is made out of wood natural resource.

5) We should conserve the clean water by changing our habits in daily routine like putting a limitation on the use of water in cooking, bathing, cleaning, etc.

6) We should use public transport like buses and metros or carpooling rather than self-driving for conserving oil.

7) The government should also conduct a serious check for overexploitation of natural resources like water and wood on a regular basis.

8) Technology helps inefficient use of natural resources like water and oil thereby conserving them to a larger extent.

9) As an ordinary citizen, we can form a group of volunteers for promoting the concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in society.

10) The three R’s of waste management ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ conserve natural resources, eliminate waste and protects the environment.

5 Lines on Conservation of Natural Resources

1) Natural Resources are limited sources.

2) Conservation of resources is very important.

3) Using renewable energy can save resources.

4) We should use petroleum very wisely.

5) Use of energy-efficient appliances.

20 Lines on Conservation of Natural Resources

1) Our natural resources consist of air, water, coal, forests, plants, animals and minerals.

2) Life on the planet depends on the availability and condition of our natural resources.

3) The use of alternative power resources like solar, wind, biofuels, will help conserve natural resources.

4) Planting trees and forests will help prevent soil erosion and conserve the fertility of the soil.

5) The treatment of industrial waste before being released into a water body will help conserve freshwater.

6) Rainwater harvesting also helps in the conservation of the most vital natural resources of freshwater.

7) Natural resources like forests and animals must be conserved by giving them threatened status.

8) A small act of switching off electricity when not in use will also help conserve natural resources.

9) The use of biogas as an alternative source of fuel helps in the conservation of resources like fossil fuel.

10) Proper disposal of waste and its recycling will prevent pollution and conserve natural resources.

11) Natural resources are very much essential for the survival of all life forms on earth.

12) Using cars running on electricity or hydrogen will help preserve natural resources and atmosphere.

13) We should start using recyclable material bags instead of plastic bags to conserve natural resources.

14) Watering your garden in the evening helps in conserving water by reducing its unnecessary evaporation.

15) Using organic fertilizers and pesticides instead of the chemical will also help retain the fertility of the soil.

16) The emission of greenhouse gases must also be reduced to ensure natural resources conservation.

17) Constructing dams and reservoirs will help generate hydroelectricity and reduce water wastage.

18) Controlling cattle to prevent overgrazing will help protect agricultural land and flora of an area.

19) Conservation of natural resources is also in a way related to their proper utilization.

20) Controlling pollution and urbanization will definitely help in the conservation of natural resources.

In present times due to industrialization and globalization, people are exploiting natural resources at a faster pace which could lead to serious damage to the environment. We must utilize natural resources cautiously in order to provide a sustainable planet for our future generation.

There are many ways of conserving renewable and non-renewable natural resources like planting trees, choosing our means of transportation wisely, avoiding excess use of water and electricity, etc. Every individual should take an oath for conserving and protecting the natural resources for our future generations.

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