10 Lines on National Festivals of India

National Festivals of India have the credit of uniting the whole country for celebrating below one roof portraying national unity and patriotism. India is the land of diversity, and national festivals are the instrument which brings unity in diversity. It is the occasion when we remember the sacrifices of our great leaders and freedom fighters who selflessly devoted their life for the country’s freedom. National festivals instil the feeling of patriotism and national integrity in the heart of the younger generation.

10 Lines on National Festivals Celebration

Ten Lines on National Festivals of India in English

I have provided here 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on National Festivals of India for my dear children and students of Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Just go through these lines to find the best one for you:

10 Lines on National Festivals of India

1) India celebrates three National Festivals.

2) Republic Day falls on 26th January commemorating inception of the Constitution of India.

3) Independence Day on 15th August is the day to celebrate India’s freedom from the British Empire.

4) Gandhi Jayanti, marking on 2nd October, is the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

5) National Festivals are the National Holidays in India.

6) India sends the invitation to the head of the other Countries as Chief Guest on Republic Day.

7) The President of India presides over the Republic Day Celebrations in the National Capital.

8) The Prime Minister presides over the Independence Day celebrations at Red Fort.

9) National Festivals involves the display of military might and cultural heritage of the Nation.

10) On Gandhi Jayanti, people get aware of the importance of cleanliness and non-violence.


10 Lines and Sentences on National Festivals of India

1) The national festivals of India unite the whole nation.

2) Republic Day reminds us of the importance of our constitution.

3) Celebration of achievement of liberation from the British Rule is also a part of the national festivals of India.

4) To mark the contribution of Mahatma Gandhi in independence, we observe his birthday as a national festival.

5) Every Indian celebrates national festivals with great pride, honour and patriotism.

6) The republic day parade showcases the Indian defence capability to the whole world.

7) The Prime minister hoists the flag on Republic Day and Independence Day.

8) Organizing many cultural programmes is a traditional way to celebrate national festivals.

9) Schools, colleges, private and government offices conduct flag hoisting.

10) The whole country celebrates national festivals and gets inspired by the deeds of our great leaders.

10 Lines on National Festivals of India

5 Lines on National Festivals of India

1) Three national festivals are celebrated in India.

2) Republic day, Independence Day & Gandhi Jayanti are the three national festivals of India.

3) School and colleges are remained closed on these festivals.

4) Padma Awards are distributed on these festivals.

5) National Festivals of India gets celebrated by all happily.

20 Lines on National Festivals of India

1) The people belonging to different religions in India celebrate the national festivals collectively.

2) All the 3 national festivals of India have equal significance for every Indian.

3) Every national festival of India has a unique of its celebration.

4) National festivals pave the way for new pleasure and consciousness in our life.

5) The national festival is to worship those martyrs and patriots who sacrificed their lives for India.

6) All the schools, colleges, offices and markets across the country remain closed on the national festival.

7) Various Schools and Collages organize cultural events and competitions for students to mark the National Festivals.

8) The Government of India distributes the three Padma Awards on these occasions.

9) TV and Radio broadcast patriotic songs and acts throughout the day.

10) Everybody starts the celebration by hoisting the flag and then singing the National Anthem.

11) Each country has some national festivals which depict some historical events of the nation.

12) National Festivals introduce the rich cultural heritage of the nation to the young generation.

13) The three national festivals of India mark the three most important events of Indian history.

14) Republic Day is the first national festival of the year falling on 26 January.

15) Attainment of freedom and adoption of the Indian constitution hold much value for us.

16) For paying tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, the nation celebrates his birth anniversary annually.

17) The national festivals fill us with great fervour of patriotism and enthusiasm.

18) National festivals play a vital role in binding the nation with a single thread of unity, harmony and brotherhood.

19) It is also a medium for paying homage to our great leaders and freedom fighters.

20) National festivals teach us the importance of freedom, democracy and help to instil the ideologies of our great leaders.

Every Indian celebrates national festivals with great zeal and patriotism. People belonging to any section of society, poor or rich, old or young, our national festival brings enthusiasm in each individual and unites them to celebrate it with pride. National Festivals are National treasure; they revive our deep-rooted cultural and spiritual values and remind us of the sacrifices of our freedom fighters and national leaders.

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