10 Lines on Organ Donation

Organ donation is a term used when a person donates his/her organs like kidney, liver, heart, cornea etc. becoming the donor to a recipient unknown to him who needs it. It is an act of selfless service and sometimes an act to save a loved one or a close friend from certain death by donating a part of one’s vital organs.

Ten Lines on Organ Donation in English

Get here some sets of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Organ Donation for children and students of Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. I am sure, these lines will really help them in their studies:

10 Lines on Organ Donation

1) Organ Donation is an act of selfless service to save the life of a known or unknown person.

2) The World Organ Donation Day falls on 13 August every year.

3) It is catching up as a new trend with millions registering for Organ donation.

4) Indian cricketers like Gautam Gambhir, Vinod Kambli and Anil Kumble have pledged to donate their organs.

5) Anyone disregarding age, caste, religion or ethnicity can donate his/her Organ.

6) It requires immediate action by medical agencies for Organ extraction, upon the demise of the donor.

7) The extracted organ requires effective organ preservation methods until the transplantation.

8) In living Organ donation, the donor donates a part of his liver or kidney, living a healthy and fruitful life after it.

9) In non-living donation, the donor agrees to donate his organs to an unknown person, upon his death.

10) Organ donations for Research and Development have helped to make new advancements in the fields of medicine and surgery.

10 Lines and Sentences on Organ Donation

1) Organ donation is donating one’s vital organs or external body parts legally and with consent to someone in need.

2) It is a noble act to save a life by donating one’s organ.

3) Organ donation is possible after the death of the donor or in a few cases when the donor is alive.

4) Commonly Kidney, heart, liver, lungs, bones, bone marrow, skin etc. can be donated.

5) Anyone can register for the donation of their organ online or at their nearest healthcare centre.

6) People of all ages can be organ donors, children under 18 with the consent of their parents.

7) Donors with infective diseases or serious health issues should consult their doctor before donating their organs.

8) Ronald Herrick was the first living organ donor who donated his kidney to his brother in the year 1954.

9) In the year 2013, there were around 845 organs donated in India.

10) Register for Organ donation now to give someone the greatest gift anyone ever can- “The Gift of Life.”

5 Lines on Organ Donation

1) Organ donation means donating organs post death.

2) By donating organs we can save many lives.

3) Organs like eyes, kidneys, heart, etc can be donated.

4) Anyone can register themselves to donate organs.

5) Organ donation is a kind and noble act.

20 Lines on Organ Donation

1) Organ donation means the transfer of a healthy organ from one body to another.

2) ‘Organ Transplant’ is the name of the surgery used for an organ transplant.

3) The donor donates his organ to someone in need called a receiver.

4) Donation of the organ is possible in both ways, before death and after death.

5) Most donated organs are liver, kidneys, eyes, lungs, pancreas, intestine, skin, tissues etc.

6) The kidney is the organ which has the most numbers od transplantation in the whole world.

7) The detailed test of the body of a person before the organ donation is mandatory.

8) There is a great demand for organs worldwide, but there is the rule mandating taking permission from the donor.

9) Some people donate their whole body to the medical colleges for studies and research purpose.

10) Spain has the highest organ donor rate in the world, with 46.9 donors per million people.

11) The consent of the donor is very important before the donation of his organ.

12) Organ donation without the consent of the person falls under organ trafficking.

13) In the case of organ donation, the Doctor’s first preference is to save the life of the donor.

14) After extracting the organ from the dead donor, doctors treat his body with much respect following the common death ritual.

15) Joseph Murray, a surgeon, received noble prize in medicine in 1990 for excellence in organ transplantation.

16) In the ‘opt-in’ system, a person requires to give consent for transplantation after his death.

17) In the ‘opt-out’ system, the organ donation occurs automatically until a person hasn’t refused to transplant his organs.

18) India follows the opt-in system where people can go for organ transplantation with their will and consent.

19) Nowadays, we can see the illegal organ transplantation in the whole world.

20) Some fraudsters and doctors conduct illegal organ transplant and sell those organs at a high price in the international market.

Organ donation is a job with kindness. As modern science is developing, the brain transplantation will become a reality soon. Being purely an act of selfless service, it expresses one’s concern for the health and well being of others. By donating Organs, we save the life of the recipient and become memorable for his/her family and friends in their blessings.

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