10 Lines on Nature

We completely depend upon our surroundings for our day to day activities. Every living and non-living thing around us has some benefits for everyone and serve for some specific purposes. All these things together create ‘Nature’. If you are still confused about it, you should check our sets of 10 lines below.

Ten Lines on Nature in English

Find here some well written sets of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Nature for students of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can get some help in your study from these lines.

10 Lines on Nature

1) The surroundings we live in, the natural resources or food we consume all are parts of nature.

2) Nature provides a sustainable environment and necessary resources for survival like air, water, soil etc.

3) Nature helps to flourish the ecosystem and biodiversity of our planet by providing all the necessary resources.

4) Trees, plants and forests are the vital parts of nature which provide Oxygen.

5) The chirping of birds, the buzzing of insects and rustling of leaves are the sounds of nature which relax our mind and calm our soul.

6) Nature is the main source of food, be it dairy, grains, fruits or nuts, all comes from Mother Nature.

7) The clothes we wear to cover our body and get saved from extreme weather conditions also come from nature.

8) Water is one of the vital requirements for all the known forms of life, and nature has provided it in an enormous amount to us.

9) The selfishness and greed of man have made nature vulnerable to the increasing pollution.

10) The fierce response of nature in the past few years has made us realize that if we do not stop the destruction of nature, it will raise the question of human survival.

10 Lines and Sentences on Nature

1) Nature comprises of the environment, surroundings and the ecosystem.

2) It also helps in providing the raw materials for the financial and economic growth of a country.

3) Nature plays a pivotal role in the sustenance of the wildlife by providing them shelter, food and a place.

4) Nature is also a major source of Ayurvedic medicines used for thousands of years in treating various common and fatal diseases.

5) Industrialization and technological advancements have though transformed our lives, but have done considerable harm to our mother nature.

6) The impact of man-made activities has resulted in the degradation of Mother Nature.

7) Global Warming, Climate Change, Earthquakes, Floods are just a few consequences of natural degradation by human activities.

8) The time has come for the conservation of nature and to maintain the balance between ecosystem and biodiversity.

9) There are many initiatives by the government and non-government organizations for the conservation of nature and to save nature from further destruction.

10) Mother Nature provides us with everything needed for our survival, and it is our prime responsibility to return her favour by whatsoever we can do to protect and nourish her.

10 Lines on Nature

5 Lines on Nature

1) Nature gives us many things.

2) Nature is a god gift to us.

3) Water, plants, birds, etc makes nature.

4) We are dependent on nature.

5) We need to preserve nature.

20 Lines on Nature

1) The physical and materialistic world around us that is not created by a human is Nature.

2) Nature includes forest, hill, rivers, oceans, desert, weather etc.

3) Nature is beyond human existing much before the existence of human.

4) Nature provides us with resources like water, air, food to fulfil our needs and desires.

5) Earth is the only known planet that supports life and has nature for successful survival.

6) Atmosphere, climate and weather come under nature and are essential for us.

7) Nature has an ecosystem consisting of biotic and abiotic components.

8) All the biotic and abiotic components are complementary and a part of nature.

9) Even all the microbes and insects are an important part of nature.

10) The life on the earth is possible only because of the existence of nature here.

11) Nature is everything that is not created by human and exists much longer before human.

12) Every living and non-living thing, anyhow, enhances the beauty of nature.

13) Human health is completely related to the health of the nature around him.

14) Nature is full of various renewable and non-renewable resources responsible for our life.

15) Life under the water is much vast than life on the land.

16) Every living being, whether an animal or an insect, has equal importance in nature.

17) Disasters like earthquake, Tsunami, Hurricane etc. occur naturally and are called natural disasters.

18) Human constitutes a very small part of nature but is destroying nature consistently.

19) Disturbances in nature have resulted in hazardous problems like pollution and global warming.

20) Nature is the most factors for a human to survive on earth so we must respect it.

Spending some time in the lap of nature absorbs all of our stress and sorrows, and it behaves just like our mother. The survival of the human race is majorly dependent on nature. We should always remember that Mother Nature never keeps anything with her and returns whatever we give to her, and if we create problems for her, the same will also return with interest. So let us pledge together that we will do whatsoever to save our mother nature and prevent her from further degradation.

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