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10 Lines on Environment

The air we breathe, the water we consume, the natural elements that we are exposed to all constitute environment. A clean environment is the basic need for a healthy and prosperous life of an individual and society as a whole. A Healthy environment means a balanced ecosystem necessary for the survival of all living and non-living organisms on our planet.

Ten Lines on Environment in English

Following are the 10 lines provided on the importance of environment for a healthy ecosystem. If you are researching to get points for your essay or you have to write a paragraph on the topic then you have come to the right place. Make the use of the lines given below in your writing or in your speech to be delivered on Word Environment Day. So go through the below lines and earn appreciation from your teachers for the best essay or speech:

10 Lines on Environment - 1

1) A clean environment is an absolute necessity for the survival of all living forms.

2) Prompt and timely action must be taken by people and government towards reducing the environmental pollution.

3) Environmental policies must be formed by the concerned governments to minimize the effects of industrialization, mining and other business activities on the environment.

4) People should be made aware of the threats to environment and their consequences through print or electronic media and by organizing small functions for raising awareness.

5) Laws must be formed and should be strictly implemented dissuading the use of plastic in business establishments.

6) Recyclable material must be used for daily transactions and the use and production should be encouraged.

7) People must be made aware of the benefits of flora that surrounds us and its need for the survival of all living species.

8) Steps must be taken towards larger use of alternative sources of energy such as solar and wind energy.

9) Overuse of vehicles either for personal or business purpose must be avoided or people should be encouraged to use public transport or electric vehicles as an alternative.

10) Use of pesticides and other harmful chemical in farming sector must be regulated and use of organic pesticides as its alternative should be encouraged.


We have also provided another set of 10 lines on the topic so that you can enhance your creativity. You can take the help of these points in including some more piece of information in your essay, speeches or paragraph writing in your exams. Please go through the below lines and make the best use of them enhancing your knowledge and writing:


10 Lines on Environment - 2

1) Environment is the surrounding where we live, survive and flourish.

2) It consists of all the natural materials, living and non living things directly associated with us.

3) It is our prime responsibility and duty to keep our environment clean and green without interfering too much in the nature.

4) We should be always aware that the nature provides enough to satisfy our need but not our greed.

5) We must always use the natural resources in a limited quantity and try to replenish it so that it could be available for others too.

6) We should try to avoid using exhaustible resources like Coal, Petroleum, Natural gas etc. and use renewable resources like Sunlight, Wind and Biomass.

7) Avoid using plastic products and polythene bags instead use natural products and cotton/jute bags to keep our environment clean.

8) Use of recycled products is the best way to keep our environment safe.

9) The increasing vehicle pollution is a threat to our environment so we must use public transport more often.

10) Plant more trees and spread the awareness for the necessity of clean and green environment.

Healthy environment is very important for the survival of the human beings on this planet. It directly affects the physical and mental state of a person. Ruining this beautiful environment and ecosystem balance will be disastrous for the human race. The responsibility of the very basic needs of our future generation is upon us. Steps we take today towards a cleaner environment will ensure their health and prosperity.