10 Lines on World Environment Day

Human has been living on earth for a long time. Not only human but the earth is a place for survival for also other creatures like birds, animals and insects etc. It could have become possible only because of our environment. We also have a ‘World Environment Day’ in our calendar, which the whole world celebrates together. Let’s read about it in detail through the sets of 10 lines below.

Ten Lines on World Environment Day in English

Find here some well written sets of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on World Environment Day for students of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can get some help in your study from these lines.

10 Lines on World Environment Day

1) World environment day comes on 5th June every year.

2) The whole world has been celebrating it since 1974.

3) This day lays focus on environmental degradation to spread awareness towards protecting and conserving it.

4) The theme of world environment day 2019 is “Air Pollution”.

5) This day makes the work of awakening the whole world together on environmental issues.

6) It focuses on how the degrading environment can create disaster in the lives of all living beings.

7) Not only it raises concerns on environmental degradation, but also it suggests the steps that we should take to preserve our environment.

8) The world is facing tremendous environmental degradation such as pollution, deforestation as well as aquatic life reduction, overpopulation, global warming etc.

9) Many camps, seminars along with rallies and morning processions remain the centre of attraction of the day.

10) In 1972 it was announced that 5th of June would be ‘World Environment Day’ from 1974 onwards.

10 Lines and Sentences on World Environment Day

1) World environment day is people’s day for doing something to protect the environment.

2) “Khadi Village Industries Commission” (KVIC) professes that Khadi is a” zero effect- zero defect” product and is eco-friendly.

3) Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said that India is feeling proud in hosting this year’s event, which shows the growing concern of Indian leadership on issues concerning climate change.

4) Each year, the day emphasis any particular earth crisis degrading the environment.

5) Illegal killing and poaching of wild animals are resulting in their extinction which is hampering the earth’s biodiversity.

6) We can start protecting the environment on our own and some tress in our household or garden.

7) We should put fertilizers and manures to trees and plants.

8) We should shift to recyclable products, buying those products and encouraging others also to purchase them.

9) Instead of driving and travelling in a car, we should use public transportation and carpool.

10) We should abandon the use of plastic.

5 Lines on World Environment Day

1) It is celebrated on 5 June.

2) It is celebrated since 1974.

3) This day is celebrated by planting trees.

4) It is a theme-based celebration.

5) This day encourages saving the environment.

20 Lines on World Environment Day

1) World Environment Day is a flagship UN program for raising awareness for environment protection.

2) The world had celebrated the first World Environment Day in 1974.

3) World Environment Day comes annually with a new theme assigned by the United Nations.

4) The NGOs, governments and other stakeholders from over 143 member countries observe the day.

5) Issues like pollution, biodiversity, global warming remains on focus on World Environment Day.

6) Since its inception, World Environment Day has become a significant global event.

7) World Environment Day also raises issues like food waste, crop yield and water shortages.

8) The main motive is to show that when people work united for a noble cause, results are positive.

9) Since 1974 the World Environment Day is a celebration in almost 34 cities in 25 countries.

10) World Environment Day 2019 got worldwide attention.

11) The UN at the Stockholm conference had decided on the 5th of June for World Environment Day.

12) Some countries, which have hosted the celebrations two or more times, are India, China and Canada.

13) First World Environment Day had held in Spokane USA with the theme “Only One Earth”.

14) The day resembles UN efforts to protect and preserve the environment for a safe and healthy future.

15) The day plays a significant role in the realization of 2030 Sustainable Development goals.

16) The day is essential in mobilizing people and resources for the cause of saving the environment.

17) On World Environment Day, governments make their environmental laws stricter.

18) One can contribute his/her bit to the environment by using public transport on the day.

19) Many notable personalities and schoolchildren take part in the World Environment Day celebrations.

20) Day stresses on changing the conduct of an individual as well as organizations towards the environment.

Every living being has to depend on the environment, and we must protect and conserve the environment. Once the environment gets degraded it is very much difficult to restore and maintain it; due to all these concerns “World Environment Day” is observed so that people will think about pollution and will try to clean the environment. Not only for the human being but also other living beings.

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