10 Lines on Save Environment

An environment is the natural surrounding or habitat which helps in existence or survival of life on planet earth. The environment provides us lots of natural resources like water, minerals, natural vegetation which help in sustaining the life of humans, plants, and animals. We have to protect and conserve natural resources as they are essential for providing a greener and cleaner environment to living creatures. The conservation of natural resources is the need of the hour for protecting the environment.

Ten Lines on Save Environment in English

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10 Lines on Save Environment

1) Environment refers to the surroundings or the habitat in which individuals, animals or plants live.

2) A clean and green environment is crucial for living a healthy and peaceful life.

3) The environment plays a Major role in the existence of life on planet earth.

4) The environment is getting hugely impacted by the selfish motives of humans.

4) The continued exploitation of natural resources has led to a major imbalance in the environment.

5) The burgeoning human population has increased the rate of exploitation of natural resources.

7) To save the earth, We have to limit the consumption of natural resources and should try to be dependent on renewable resources.

8) Conservation of natural resources like trees and water leads to a pollution-free environment.

9) We should stop using plastic or poly bags and be dependent on more eco-friendly product to save the environment.

10) Government, civil communities should take effective actions to curb the pollution and after-effects of industrialization in order to save the environment.

10 Lines and Sentences on Save Environment

1) We can save the environment for future generations in various ways by adopting a sensible lifestyle.

2) Saving electricity can conserve a large amount of water and coal.

3) We can limit the consumption of petroleum by choosing public transport in our daily commute.

4) Promoting digital technology can save a lot of paper which is made out of wood which is a natural resource.

5) We should conserve clean water by changing our habits in daily routine like putting a limitation on the use of water in cooking, bathing, cleaning, etc.

6) We should use public transport like buses and metros or carpooling rather than self-driving for conserving oil.

7) The government should also conduct serious checks for overexploitation of natural resources like water and wood on a regular basis.

8) Technology helps inefficient use of natural resources like water and oil thereby conserving them to larger extent.

9) As an ordinary citizen, we can form a group of volunteers for promoting the concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in society.

10) The three R’s of waste management ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ conserve natural resources, eliminate waste and protects environment.

10 Lines on Save Environment

5 Lines on Save Environment

1) Our lifestyle depends on our environment.

2) Environment nurtures many ecosystems.

3) To save lives, the environment should be saved.

4) 4 R principles should be followed.

5) Planting more trees can save the environment.

20 Lines on Save Environment

1) Save the environment from the environmental pollution caused by human-induced activities.

2)  Proper disposal of waste, whether from cities or industries is essential to save the environment.

3) Government, as well as common people and NGOs, must join hands to save the environment.

4) Alternative resources like hydropower, solar power must be used instead of fossil fuel.

5) Always buy recycled products for your houses and offices and never use plastic or polythene.

6) Save electricity, save water, save the natural resources to save the environment.

7) Driving less and walking or cycling more will also help save the environment and revive it.

8) Using organic fertilizers and saying no to chemical fertilizers and pesticides will save the environment.

9) Planting more trees and standing against deforestation, will also help save the environment.

10) We have to save the environment for us as well as for future generation.

11) Saving the environment means making efforts to preserve and conserve our surroundings.

12) We must save the environment from the damages caused by several human activities.

13) Human activities like industrialization, fossil fuel, deforestation, are causing environmental damages.

14) Human-induced environmental damage causes more issues like global warming and climate change.

15) To save the environment we must stop the exploitation of the environment’s available natural resources.

16) If we don’t save the environment today; tomorrow we will not be able to survive on the planet.

17) The saving environment doesn’t mean to only save trees, but also the animals, birds and aquatic life.

18) Saving the environment needs meticulous planning and stern resolve by the government and people.

19) To save the environment, burn less fossil fuel in the form of petrol, diesel, crude oil, etc.

20) Saving trees helps protect the environment, as trees emit oxygen and help maintain temperature.

With the advancement in technology, industrialization and globalization people are exploiting natural resources at a faster pace which could lead to serious damage to the environment. We must utilize the natural resources cautiously in order to provide a sustainable planet to our future generation.

There are many ways of saving the environment from pollution and after-effects of global warming like planting trees, choosing our means of transportation wisely, avoiding excess use of water and electricity etc. Every individual should take an oath for conserving and protecting the environment for our future generations.

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