10 Lines on Importance of Family

Family in simple words refer to the group of people who are in universal relationship with each other like parents and their children, spouses, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, grandparents etc. A nuclear family comprises of only parents and children. Family is the oldest and the most fundamental social institution of our human civilization. We take birth on planet earth and learn our first interaction with world through family.

Ten Lines on Importance of Family

Set 1

1) Family refers to the units in society comprising of group of parents and their children.

2) Extended family member includes members who share same ancestor example uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews etc.

3) Family introduces us to the world where we learn the important social skills from our parents.

4) It makes us feel secure and comfortable in our daily life.

5) Family means we have someone to bank upon who shares our problems in life.

6) It is social institution which helps in socialization and reproduction.

7) Family helps in shaping the future and career of the children.

8) It teaches us the values of love, character, confidence and honesty.

9) It is the very foundation of society and civilization.

10) Family fulfills our emotional needs in life and acts as support system in case of challenging times.

Set 2

1) In the social world without a family an individual’s identity is never complete.

2) Family takes special care of children, elderly and ill people.

3) Family helps in maintaining the stability and peace in the society.

4) Family strengthens the relationships through love and loyalty.

5) Family helps in the decision making process through inculcating values which can easily differentiate between right and wrong.

6) Family saves us from external bad influences and anti-social elements in society.

7) Joint family teaches us the importance of unity and commitment in life.

8) It teaches us about the customs, traditions and culture of society.

9) Family helps in fighting odd times and removes loneliness from life.

10) Family helps us in improving the personality as it teaches us to become responsible person with our growing age.

Families whether nuclear or joint they play a crucial role in our life. Without a family we won’t be leading a satisfied life as there won’t be anyone with whom we can share our success and failure. Family gives us the strength we need during our difficult times and enjoys the achievements or successes with us.

However, in modern times because of the western culture people are no longer giving quality time to their families and loved ones. Socio-economic environment has changed drastically and due to work pressure people are spending more time in office which is not proving to be good for the health and mind. We should have proper work life balance in order to spend quality time with our family.

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