Colours Name

The world is full of colors. When we see our right or left, we will find different colors. While we are familiar with the names of some of these colors, there are a few colors whose characteristics remain a mystery to us. There are a lot of specific names for colors in English, but today we’ll just talk about the most common ones. Therefore, in this post, I will provide the names of various colors both in Hindi and English.

Colors Around the World

The quality of light that can be seen by individuals is referred to as color. There is no such thing as color if there is no light. People only perceive colors because different wavelengths of light reflect differently off of objects in their environment.

Colors make the world beautiful. The colorless world will look dull and boring. It also helps us to distinguish between different things. All the flowers look different because of their colors. We can also differentiate between all the animals based on their different shapes and colors.

Colors and their Names

It is of great importance to be familiar with different names of colors that are common and are utilized in everyday life. There are many colors like red, yellow, white, black, blue, green, etc. For example:

  • An apple is Red in color.
  • Parrots are Green.
  • Our teeth are White.
  • Coal is Black.
  • The sky is Blue.
  • Sunflowers are Yellow, etc.

10 Colours Name in English and Hindi

20 Colours Name in English and Hindi


Everything in this world has some color; therefore, learning colors is very important for everyone. When children start recognizing different things, it is important to teach them colors. It will help them to differentiate things based on their color and look. I hope this article on Colors Name will be helpful in learning different colors and their names in English.