Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colours in Hindi and English

When we look at different colors, they simply look beautiful and simple. But each shade has its unique story. To understand colors and its complexities, we study color theory. Color theory is the study of how to mix two colors to make a new one. On the color wheel, there are 12 main colors. However, primary color, secondary color, and tertiary color are the three sections of the color wheel.

Primary Colours Definition in Hindi and English

“Primary colors are basic colors that can be mixed together to produce other colors.” They are Red, Yellow, and Blue.

Color is a big world, but it all starts with the three primary colors. The basic colors in the color wheel are called “primary colors.” The three primary colors are the original parents of all other colors. In theory, all other colors come from the three primary colors.

Secondary Colours Definition in Hindi and English

“A secondary color is a color made by mixing two primary colors in equal proportions.”

In other words, the mixing of primary color gives birth to a new color, which we call secondary color. Secondary colors are the colors located between the primary colors in the color wheel. They can be referred to as the ‘children’ of each pair of Primary colors. After the primary colors, secondary colors come next. The ratios in which we mix primary colors decide the color of the secondary colors.

Tertiary Colours Definition in Hindi and English

“The combination of primary and secondary colors is known as tertiary colors.”

Each of them is a mix of a Primary Color and the Secondary Color that is closest to it. In keeping with our earlier comparison of parents and children, tertiary colors can be thought of as the grandchildren of primary colors and the children of secondary colors.

There are six main tertiary colors in color theory: blue-green, yellow-green, red-orange, red-violet, blue-violet, and yellow-orange. The middle colors on a color wheel are called tertiary or intermediate colors. Tertiary colors are an important part of the color wheel because they help painters mix the colors they want more easily.

Primary and Secondary colours in Hindi and English

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colours in Hindi and English

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colours Definition in Hindi and English


Although there are several colors to experiment with, learning the fundamentals of primary, secondary and tertiary colors provides the foundational knowledge required to successfully understand all of those colors. When teaching kids about colors, remember to start with the primary colors and then add more as the kids get used to them.