Simple Sentence

Definition with Examples

A Simple Sentence is a sentence that has a Subject, a Verb and a meaningful inference; that is, it should complete a thought, information or an idea. As the name suggests, a Simple Sentence has no dependent clause and has a single independent clause.

Given below are some examples of Simple Sentences:

1) Ronny is waiting for the bus. (Subject: Ronny/Verb :waiting)

2) She is going to the party. (Subject: She/Verb :going)

3) He was dancing yesterday. (Subject: He/Verb :dancing)

4) They are coming. (Subject: They/Verb :coming)

5) He is studying. (Subject: He/Verb :studying)

6) She is preparing dinner. (Subject: She/Verb :preparing)

7) I am writing. (Subject: I/Verb :waiting)

8) I am writing a letter. (Subject: I/Verb :writing)

9) The bird is perched on the roof. (Subject: Bird/Verb :perched)

10) The book is on the table. (Subject: Book/Helping Verb :is)

11) He is dancing. (Subject: He/Verb :dancing)

In all the above sentences there is a Subject as well as a Verb and the sentence completes a thought.

A Simple Sentence can be longer but still it has only one independent clause and completes a thought. For Example-

  • You have to go to the college with her.
  • Standing on the gate, the dog barked.
  • She was waiting for the bus at the bus stand.
  • He was dancing yesterday in his friend’s party.
  • They are coming tomorrow to attend your birthday party.
  • She is preparing dinner for the kids on Sunday.
  • I am writing a letter to the principal on present state of affairs.
  • He went to his native place by bus on a chilly morning.
  • She was driving to the grocery store with her family and friends.
  • They are going to watch a movie on independence movement.
  • He is walking to the college with his best friend.
  • They are rejoicing in the joys of victory.

A Simple Sentence may also have more than one Subject or Verb; but even then they have a single independent clause. Simple Sentences with more than one verbs and subjects are given below-

  • Jack and Jill went up the hill.
  • Ronny and Ron were dancing and singing.
  • I love burger and pizza.
  • I gave her my pen and my book.
  • My friends and their parents are coming for the party.
  • I and my brother are going to the marriage party.
  • The people were dancing and cheering at the stadium.
  • The man was running and shouting at the same time.
  • The students and the teachers were playing and singing.
  • They and their wards were present at the meeting.

Types of Simple Sentences

Simple Sentences can be classified into seven types based on their structure, as described below-

  1. Subject + Verb: (S + V)

These types of sentences contain a single Subject and a Verb. Auxiliary verbs may or may not be present; depending on the sentence.

Given below are the few examples of these types of Simple Sentences-

  • He is writing.

Subject: He, Aux Verb: is, Verb: Writing

  • She walks.

Subject: She, Verb: Walks

  • They were singing.

Subject: They, Aux Verb: Were, Verb: Singing.

  • Ronny was playing.

Subject: Ronny, Aux Verb: was, Verb: Playing

  • Julie is studying.

Subject: Julie, Aux Verb: is, Verb: Studying

  1. Subject + Verb + Adjective: (S + V + Adj)

These types of Simple Sentences contain a Subject, a Verb and an Adjective.

For Example-

  • Julie was happy.

Subject: Julie, Aux Verb: was, Adj: happy

  • He is sad.

Subject: He, Aux Verb: is, Adj: sad

  • They were suspicious.

Subject: They, Aux Verb: were, Adj: Suspicious

  • She walked graciously.

Subject: She, Verb: walked, Adj: graciously

  • Ronny swam fast.

Subject: Ronny, Verb: swam, Adj: fast

  1. Subject + Verb + Noun Phrase: (S + V + N Phrase)

These types of Simple Sentences contain a Subject, Verb and a Noun Phrase.

  • He found his lost bag.

Subject: He, Verb: found, Noun Phrase: his lost bag

  • Julie is riding an Austrian horse.

Subject: Julie, Verb: riding, Noun Phrase: an Austrian horse.

  • They will sell their new car.

Subject: They, Verb: sell, Noun Phrase: Their new car

  • She is singing with her sister.

Subject: She, Verb: Singing, Noun phrase: with her sister

  • They are playing in the stadium.

Subject: They, Verb: Playing, Noun Phrase: in the stadium

  1. Subject + Verb + Noun Phrase + Adjective: (S + V + N Phrase + Adj)

The examples of sentences having subject, verb, noun phrase and adjectives are given below-

  • Ronny painted his car black.

Subject: Ronny, Verb: painted, N Phrase: his car, Adj: Black

  • Joe is riding an Austrian horse very fast.

Subject: Joe, Verb: riding, N Phrase: Austrian horse, Adj: Very fast

  • She colored her finger nails red.

Subject: She, Verb: colored, N Phrase: her finger nails, Adj: red

  • He will keep your kids happy.

Subject: He, Verb: keep, N Phrase: your kids, Adj: happy

  • Her father’s call makes him angry.

Subject: Her father, Verb: call, N Phrase: makes him, Adj: angry

  1. Subject + Verb + Noun Phrase + Place: (S + V + N Phrase + Place)

Given below are some examples of these types of sentences-

  • Ronny dances with his brother at his home.

Subject: Ronny, Verb: dances, N Phrase: with his brother, Place: at his home

  • Joe is singing with his friends at the stadium.

Subject: Joe, Verb: singing, N Phrase: with his friends, Place: at the stadium

  • He is going for his examination to the school.

Subject: He, Verb: going, N Phrase: for his examination, Place: to the school

  • She will read her new book in the garden.

Subject: She, Verb: read, N Phrase: her new book, Place: in the garden

  • They will ride their favorite swing in the amusement park.

Subject: they, Verb: ride, N Phrase: their favorite swing, Place: in the amusement park.

  1. Subject + Verb + Noun Phrase + Noun Phrase: (S + V + N Phrase + N Phrase)

Go through the examples of above type of sentences given below-

  • Joe gave her mother an Italian dining set.

Subject: Joe, Verb: gave, N Phrase: her mother, N Phrase: Italian dining set

  • Ronny and Ron told Joe’s father their house addresses.

Subject: Ronny and Ron, Verb: told, N Phrase: Joe’s father, N Phrase: their house address

  • He gave his father an old model of Mercedes.

Subject: He, Verb: gave, N Phrase: his father, N Phrase: old model of Mercedes

  • They lent their son a great deal of money.

Subject: They, Verb: lent, N Phrase: their son, N Phrase: great deal of money

  • He was calling your father at his office.

Subject: He, Verb: calling, N phrase: your father, N Phrase: at his office

  1. Subject + Verb + ‘To’ + Base Form of the Verb: (S + V + ‘To’ + Base form of the verb)

Go through the examples given below-

  • He is going to sing.

Subject: He, Aux Verb: is, Verb: going, Base Form: sing

  • Joe likes to cry.

Subject: Joe, Aux Verb: Likes, Base form: Cry

  • Jill needed to act.

Subject: Jill, Intransitive Verb: needed, Base Form: act

  • They needed to act.

Subject: They, Verb: needed, Base Form: act

  • She likes to swim.

Subject: She, Verb: likes, Base Form: swim

Exercises with Answers

Fill in the Blanks Exercises/Worksheets/Activities on Simple Sentences with Answers:

Complete the following sentences by filling in with appropriate words required for a simple sentence.

1) I am going _______ the party.

2) They are ________ for the dinner.

3) They _______ coming for ________ dinner tonight.

4) I was exercising ________ the gym.

5) Ron and Ronny _______ going to the party together.

6) She _______ her sister _______ going to college for the classes.

7) The bird was __________ on the roof.

8) The bird was _________ on the roof of the __________.

9) The bird was perched on the roof of the building in late _________.

10) He is __________.

11) She is waiting __________ you.

12) The horse __________ graciously.

13) Joe was __________ a letter.

14) They are _________ for a movie tonight.

15) It was moving faster ________ expected.

16) They have _______ waiting long enough for the bus to arrive.

17) He _________ his mother her favorite car.

18) Ronny ________ reading a book.

19) Joe gave his father an Italian suit _______ a pair of handmade leather shoes.

20) He lent his father a car with red __________.

Answers: 1)to, 2)coming/going/waiting, 3)are, the, 4)at, 5)were, 6)and, are/were, 7)perched, 8)perched, building, 9)night, 10)writing/reading/dancing etc, 11)for, 12)strides, 13)writing/reading, 14)going, 15)than, 16)been, 17)gifted, 18)loves, 19)and, 20)paint.

MCQ Exercises with Answers

Complete the following Simple Sentences by choosing the appropriate choice from the options provided. Verify your progress with the answers provided in the end of the exercise-

1) He is ___________.

  1. a) writing
  2. b) waited
  3. c) read

2) She likes _________ dance.

  1. a) too
  2. b) to be
  3. c) to

3) They _______ waiting for the bus.

  1. a) must
  2. b) are
  3. c) should

4) Joe was working in the restaurant to ________ the fee for the exam.

  1. a) pays
  2. b) pay
  3. c) paid

5) Ron is ___________ cricket in the field.

  1. a) play
  2. b) played
  3. c) playing

6) The children _________ cricket all day long at the school hostel.

  1. a) play
  2. b) played
  3. c) plays

7) I __________ my car for service.

  1. a) took
  2. b) take
  3. c) taken

8) He _________ a new car from the new showroom in town.

  1. a) bring
  2. b) brings
  3. c) brought

9) They are looking ________ you and your brother _______ the college and in the hostel.

  1. a) for, at
  2. b) for, in
  3. c) at, in

10) She _________ talking to her mother on phone.

  1. a) were
  2. b) is
  3. c) was

11) We __________ to the park yesterday.

  1. a) gone
  2. b) go
  3. c) went

12) They __________ going to the marriage party.

  1. a) were
  2. b) went
  3. c) is

13)  I _________ him standing behind the tree.

  1. a) see
  2. b) seen
  3. c) saw

14) She _________ to the grocery store on hearing the news.

  1. a) run
  2. b) running
  3. c) ran

15) The children _________ rhymes at the school fest in _________ of the chief guest.

  1. a) recite, with
  2. b) recited, presence
  3. c) sang, with

16) The boys __________ selected for the tournament.

  1. a) get
  2. b) gets
  3. c) got

17) He _______ dancing and singing at the same time.

  1. a) was
  2. b) were
  3. c) looks

18) The leopard ___________ and pounced on the prey.

  1. a) growl
  2. b) growled
  3. c) growling

19) She ________ her friends are waiting for you at the parking.

  1. a) and
  2. b) with
  3. c) for

20) He is ___________ forward to a constructive meeting.

  1. a) looks
  2. b) looked
  3. c) looking

Answers- 1)a, 2)c, 3)b, 4)b, 5)c, 6)b, 7)a, 8)c, 9)a, 10)c, 11)c, 12)a, 13)c, 14)c, 15)b, 16)c, 17)a, 18)b, 19)a, 20)c

More Exercises with Answers

Combine the given pair of sentences to form a Simple Sentence. Check your sentences with the answer provided at the end of the exercise.

1) It was so cold. The children couldn’t go out.

2) The store offers discount. It wants to attract customers.

3) You press the peddle. You can speed up the car.

4) I was walking. Walking improves health.

5) The Chief Guest was given the best reception. Still he was not happy.

6) The weather was rough. We cancelled the tour.

7) The coffee was hot. I couldn’t drink it.

8) It was raining. They couldn’t come.

9) I saw a man. He was standing behind a tree.

10) The dog was angry. The dog was growling.

11) The children were happy. The parents were happy.

12) The ground was small. We couldn’t play football on it.

13) The guests ate heartily. The guests left happily.

14) God is great. God is one.

15) The boy was carrying a bag. The boy walked to the school.

16) The bird was perched on the roof. The bird was singing beautifully.

17) He is preparing for the exams. He is doing a part time job.

18) Ron is clever. Ron is witty.

19) My car is fast. My car is beautiful.

20) Children love toys. Children love to play.


1) It was too cold for the children to go out.

2) The store offers discount to attract customers.

3) You press the peddle to speed up the car.

4) I was walking as it improves health.

5) Despite given the best reception, the Chief Guest was not happy.

6) We cancelled the tour as the weather was rough.

7) The coffee was too hot for me to drink.

8) They couldn’t come as it was raining.

9) I saw a man standing behind a tree.

10) The dog was angry and growling.

11) The children and parents were happy.

12) The ground was too small for us to play football on it.

13) The guests ate heartily and left happily.

14) God is great and one.

15) The boy walked to the school, carrying the bag.

16) The bird was perched on the roof and singing beautifully.

17) He us preparing for the exams and doing a part time job.

18) Ron is clever and witty.

19) My car is fast and beautiful.

20) Children love toys and play.

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