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Common noun can be defined as “A noun denoting a class of objects or a concept as opposed to a particular individual.”


Common noun is a word which we use in the sentence for something such as cat, boy, girl, lake, bridge, etc. It is completely different from the proper noun (which we use in the sentence to something such as Peter, Mohan, UK, India, The London Bridge, etc).

We use common noun in the sentences to denote a class of person, place, or thing whereas proper nouns are used for a specific person, place, or thing. Common nouns are name to general items rather than the specific ones.

Some common examples of the common nouns in your living room or study room are like remote, lamp, TV, chair, couch, window, paintings, bed, pillow, candle, table, door, etc. We can see the examples of common nouns very easily everywhere in our surroundings.

Examples of common nouns outside the home are mall, restaurant, hotel, street, bathroom, school, station, college, friend, office, temple, park, post office, backyard, beach, supermarket, pet store, teacher, police officer, clerk, manager, window dresser, shoplifter, writer, delivery driver, coffee shop, waiter, boyfriend, girlfriend, cousin, birds, animals, etc.

Some common nouns in our kitchen are like washing machine, refrigerator, stove, window, toaster, oven, utensils, coffee maker, wallpaper, sink, plate, glass, coffee mug, cup, bowl, mixer, juicer, pan, cooker, etc.

For Example:

  • It is the sound of my alarm clock. (the word ‘clock’ is a common noun as it identifies a thing).
  • My car stands in the garage. (‘car’ is a common noun as it names a thing)
  • My yard is full of green trees. (‘yard’ is a common noun as it names a place)
  • Sky looks very clear in the morning. (‘sky’ is a common noun in this sentence)
  • I go to school by bus. (‘school’ is a common noun as it names a place)

Categorized Examples

We have provided below the list of common nouns under various categories such as:

People: brother, sister, mother, father, child, toddler, baby, teenager, grandfather, grandmother, writer, student, philosopher, teacher, minister, president, businessperson, photographer, salesclerk, woman, man, person, driver, officer, doctor, engineer, principal, peon, labor, nurse, shopkeeper, gatekeeper, sweeper, salesman, friend, boy, girl, madam, sir, and so many.

Places: country, city, town, village, state, building, continent, shop, restaurant, hotel, school, park, coffee shop, zoo, water park, mall, house, college, laboratory, library, classroom, temple, etc.

Ideas: happy, sad, love, respect, honor, hate, patriotism, pride, etc.

Animals: cow, buffalo, lion, tiger, dear, fish, bear, dog, goat, cat, tortoise, alligator, bird, wolf, snake, frog, horse, ant, donkey, etc.

Things: chair, table, truck, book, pencil, eraser, box, iPad, iPhone, computer, coat, boots, TV, remote, bed, fan, coaster, camera, mobile, etc.

Relatives: father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, daughter, son, brother, sister, baby, child, children, uncle, aunt, etc.

Fruits and Vegetables: grapes, apple, guava, peach, fig, banana, apricot, lettuce, broccoli, celery, carrot, spinach, cabbage, etc.

Rules to be followed while using It

1) Common nouns are not written in capital letters.

For example:

  • A girl wants to play with doll. (here, girl is a common noun)
  • I love to see over bridges. (bridge is a common noun)
  • I like to drink cow (cow is a common noun)

2) Common nouns can be written in capital letter only when they start the sentence or used as the part of a title.

For example:

  • Wolf is a very clever animal. (”wolf” is a common noun as it starts the sentence)
  • Ants are small animal however very daring. (”Ants” is a common noun as it starts the sentence)
  • Water park is nice place for children. (”Water park” is a common noun as it starts the sentence)
  • School education is very necessary for all children. (”School” is a common noun as it starts the sentence)

Use of It in the Sentence

Common nouns are general names so we cannot capitalize them unless they start a sentence or used as part of a title. Common nouns can be used anywhere in the sentence according to the need and requirement. It can be used in the manner as it not show the grammatical error.

It can occur in between the sentence anywhere or in the start of the sentence. It is written in small letter if occur anywhere in the sentence, however written in capital letter if occur in the start of sentence. Following are the examples of common noun which will help you to recognize exactly what are common nouns.

  • Seema has broken my coffee mug.
  • My dad has bought a new pair of jeans.
  • I still remember the name of painter who had paint my home.
  • Come on, hurry up! My friends are waiting for me at the restaurant.
  • I live for many years with my parents in the big city.
  • We went to see live cricket match yesterday at the stadium.

Exercises for You

We have provided below common noun exercises which will surely help you in analyzing your knowledge about common noun. You need to just go through all the above details about common noun and check your skill by doing the exercises for common noun. We have used common nouns in following sentences, you can practice using following sentences and enhance your skill for common noun:

  1. My sister has bought me a nice jeans.
  2. My mom gives me sandwich in lunch box.
  3. I have two small chairs.
  4. My sweet home is located in good arena.
  5. India is a highly populated democratic country.
  6. Rabindranath Tagore was a famous writer.
  7. I have two sisters.
  8. Children are playing in the ground.
  9. Lion is the king of the jungle
  10. Tiger is the national animal of India.
  11. Akbar was a famous king.
  12. I love to eat grapes.
  13. We should keep the Ganga river clean.
  14. Narendra Modi is the prime minister of India.
  15. The Nile is the world’s longest river.
  16. A girl of class tenth was rewarded for her honesty.
  17. Mom gives me an apple and milk in the breakfast.
  18. I saw a man running swiftly.
  19. A woman was weeping on the road.
  20. Apple is very healthy fruit.
  21. It makes me happy to play with kids.
  22. I see thousands of stars in the sky.
  23. Many birds migrate during summer and winter season.
  24. Traffic police handles the road traffic.
  25. My dad was tired so he slept early.
  26. Some boys went for jogging daily.
  27. We go to restaurant at every weekend.
  28. We were stay at hotel in London.
  29. Mountains look beautiful when sun rises.
  30. Stars are not visible in the sunlight.

Answers: 1 – sister, jeans, 2 – mom, sandwich, 3 – chairs, 4 – arena, 5 – country, 6 – writer, 7 – sisters, 8 – Children, 9 – lion, king, 10 – Tiger, 11 – king, 12 – grapes, 13 – river, 14 – prime minister, 15 – river, 16 – girl, 17 – mom, apple, 18 – man, 19 – woman, 20 – Apple, 21 – kids, 22 – stars, 23 – birds, 24 – police, 25 – dad, 26 – boys, 27 – restaurant, 28 – hotel, 29 – Mountains, 30 – Stars.

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