Singular Noun


Singular noun can be defined as “A singular noun names one person, place, thing, or idea.”


singular noun is a noun which denotes only one thing, place, person, or one idea. We cannot denote many numbers of person, place, thing or idea through singular noun.

Singular nouns are used in the sentences to indicate only one person, place, thing or idea. Examples of singular noun is like boy, girl, teacher, boat, goat, hand, etc.

Use of It in the Sentence

We have provided below some sentences having singular noun in order to help you to understand how to use singular noun in the sentence:

  • A boy was playing football in the ground.
  • There was a decorated horse ready to run in the race.
  • My cat is hungry and tired.
  • Mohan has stolen my idea that’s why I am stressed.
  • Your mom has bought me a pair of shoes.
  • I do watering a plant daily.
  • There is only one window in that house.
  • I saw a cat was running after a rat.
  • There was a mouse seeing out of the hole.

Categorized Examples

Here are the categorized examples of singular noun which help you a lot to understand about singular noun.

  • Singular nouns indicating only one person: boy, girl, mother, nurse, woman, man, father, friend, grandmother, grandfather, cook, waiter, teacher, doctor, principal, sister, brother, son, daughter, etc.
  • Singular nouns indicating only one idea: pride, dream, love, thought, hate, truth, false, good, bad, beautiful, etc.
  • Singular nouns indicating only one thing: doll, bicycle, train, ruler, letter, yacht, baseball, floor, glove, computer, shelf, picture, pencil, box, glass, mobile, table, football, chair, etc.
  • Singular nouns indicating only one place: state, country, village, city, town, country, park, mountain, ocean, river, sea, continent, hill, park, etc.
  • There is another singular noun (named as collective noun) category having nouns that shows more than one place, person, thing, or idea, even they are considered as singular such as colony, team, neighborhood, covey, litter, etc.

Exercises for You

We have provided below some singular noun exercises in order to help you to improve your knowledge about singular noun. You need to get detail information about singular noun given above and check your skill by doing following exercises.

1) There is boy weeping very loudly.

2) That girl is my good friend.

3) My mother is very sweet and caring.

4) A nurse is fully responsible for the patient care in the hospital.

5) That woman is very fat and cruel.

6) He is very kind man working in my office.

7) My father is very mankind and help others always.

8) A good friend is the necessity of happy life.

9) My grandmother is very nice, she tells me stories every night.

10) My grandfather is very old, he walks with the help of stick.

11) The waiter was very cruel and mischief in that restraint.

12) A teacher plays a good role in everyone’s life.

13) A doctor is life giver who gives new life to patients.

14) I have a sister and a brother in my family.

15) I have a dream of being a social reformer.

16) I love my friends very much and can do anything for them.

17) I never thought that he is very poor.

18) I hate lazy people.

19) Nothing is beautiful than natural beauty.

20) I ride my bicycle on the road everyday.

21) I like very much to sit in the train.

22) My brother has bought new computer for me.

23) My mom has been gifted a new mobile on her birthday by my father.

24) This chair has been very old and need to be repaired.

25) Uttar Pradesh is a big state in India.

26) I live in a very small and undeveloped village.

27) Delhi is a capital city of India.

28) I go to park in every morning with my grandparents.

29) India is surrounded by the ocean on its three sides.

30) Today is football match in my school.

Answers: 1 – boy, 2 – girl, 3 – mother, 4 – nurse, 5 – woman, 6 – man, 7 – father, 8 – friend, 9 – grandmother, 10 – grandfather, 11 – waiter, 12 – teacher, 13 – doctor, 14 – sister, brother, 15 – dream, 16 – love, 17 – thought, 18 – hate, 19 – beautiful, 20 – bicycle, 21 – train, 22 – computer, 23 – mobile, 24 – chair, 25 – state, 26 – village, 27 – city, 28 – park, 29 – ocean, 30 – football.

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