Parts of Speech

We can define parts of speech as: It is category of words describing different kinds of classes with similar grammatical properties. All the words coming under the parts of speech are generally of similar behavior in terms of the syntax. All the words of similar properties included within the grammatical structure play similar roles.

Parts of speech is categorized into several types based on their use and functions. Parts of speech in English are commonly named as noun, adjective, verb, adverb, pronoun, preposition, conjunction and interjection, however; sometimes numeral parts of speech named as article or determiner are also included.

All the parts of speech has also been classified into open or closed classes (open class includes nouns, verbs and adjectives and closed class includes pronouns, conjunctions, etc). In order to know the grammar properly, it is very necessary to go through the parts of speech in details with proper understanding. Below we have listed all the parts of speech with proper definition and examples:

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