10 Lines on My Favourite Subject

We all read many subjects throughout our academic life but everyone has an interest in only one or two subjects, which is called a favorite subject. We develop much interest in that special subject and never get bored whether reading at home or school. Find here some interesting lines about My Favourite Subject, using these you can prepare your own lines on your Favourite Subject:

Ten Lines on My Favourite Subject in English

Here we have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on My Favourite Subject for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. These lines are easy to read and learn for the students. Also they can use them in creative writings, paragraph writings, essay writing, speech narration, etc competitions in the school.

10 Lines on My Favourite Subject

1) My favorite subject is mathematics.

2) I love mathematics because it helps us in solving problems through logic.

3) Mathematics helps in counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division very useful in daily life.

5) Mathematics is the easiest subject to learn if you know the tricks and formulas correctly.

4) Mathematics helps in identifying organized structure and objects through algebra.

5) Through a number system, a chapter in mathematics, we can solve many reasoning and data related problems verbally.

6) Mathematics identifies different shapes of an object through the study of geometry.

7) Mathematics boosts creativity and innovation through critical thinking and the power of logical reasoning.

8) Mathematics gives us the opportunity to make a great career in the fields of engineering, statistics, and science.

9)  The simplest way to learn mathematics is by taking real-life examples of time and distance, calculating averages in sports, etc.

10) History is full of mathematicians and great inventions in the world are based on logic and theorems of mathematics.

10 Lines and Sentences on My Favourite Subject

1) Hindi is the most common subject taught all across the nation.

2) Hindi subject is quite popular because of its vast literature. Many songs, poems and stories are written in Hindi.

3) Hindi grammar is easy to grasp. We can easily learn and memorize the sentences written in Hindi.

4) Hindi is also my mother tongue and official language, hence I have learned and understood the language easily.

5) The books on freedom fighters, the autobiographies are written in Hindi. It brings a great sense of pride when we read them.

6) Hindi is the most expressive language to learn. It can convey the message in simple words.

7) We can do debates, conduct stage dramas in Hindi as it depicts the emotions through poems, songs, and slogans.

8) Hindi reduces the regional and language barrier as more than 65 percent of the population of India can speak the Hindi language.

9) Hindi subject is easy to score and if you know the rules of grammar well, you can perform better in the examination.

10) As per our constitution, Hindi is the official language in more than 10 states of India and has played a very important role in the politics and film industry.

10 Sentences on My Favourite Subject

1) Science is my favorite subject as it is logical and has an explanation for every action/occurrence.

2) My favorite subject science is my favorite because it energizes my mind with interesting concepts.

3) My favorite subject science is essential for all the development that we see around us.

4) Science provides endless opportunities to improve the existing concepts and develop further.

5) Science is like an infinite pool of knowledge with interesting explanations for everything.

6) Science also provides tremendous career growth opportunities and success to the one who pursues.

7) Science is also eternal into everything from a flying fairly to a jet soaring through the sky.

8) Science makes our life much easier by implementing its principles on material objects.

9) Science provides an interesting logical conclusion to everything.

10) Science is the reason why today we are safer, smarter, inquisitive and confident than ever before.

10 Lines on My Favourite Subject

5 Lines on My Favourite Subject

1) My favorite subject is English.

2) It helps in communicating.

3) It is easy to understand.

4) English is an interesting subject.

5) I like English because it has many stories.

20 Lines on My Favourite Subject

1) My favorite subject is biology as it in a way satisfies my curiosity about surrounding flora and fauna.

2) I love biology because here we can practically understand things.

3) It helps in understanding the natural world.

4) It also provides excellent career opportunities.

5) Biology also helps me to discover the ecosystem.

6) It shows many interesting facts about living organisms.

7) The equipment in the lab attracts me more to this subject.

8) It helps to solve my health-related issues.

9) Biology teaches us the basis of life.

10) Understanding plants and animals in detail makes it very interesting.

11) Biology is my favorite subject because I find it easy than other subjects.

12) Biology provides me details of my own anatomy, which always interests me.

13) Biology answers my question about how the plants and creatures of the universe live and thrive.

14) Biology always tests my curiosity and has an answer for all my questions.

15) It is the one subject to explain why male mosquitoes live up to 10 days while females up to 45 days.

16) Biology also lets me know about the rich biological diversity of the planet and its various species.

17) Without biology, saving lives from diseases and injuries wouldn’t be possible at all.

18) Biological research help in constantly devising new crops, plants, fruits with better nutrition.

19) The study of biology has helped the man in saving the lives of animals, plants as well as his own.

20) Biology also forms the foundation for realizing my dream of becoming a doctor and serve the poor.

While mathematics is my favorite subject, Hindi is the second best. I like both the subjects and can never get bored while coming across any one of these.

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