10 Lines on My Favourite Teacher

Teachers have very significant roles to play in the society. They not only help in building the character and competence of the children but also prepare them for the bigger roles like doctors, engineers, scientists and social reformers in the society.

My favourite teachers have always guided me to take the right decisions even when I have to face the difficult situation and unpleasant times.

Ten Lines on My Favourite Teacher in English

After reading the below lines you would come to know who are my favourite teachers; how are they helping me in shaping my future; what roles are they playing currently in life of students and society etc.

We have provided ten lines on my favourite teacher in simple and easy words so that you can use these lines while writing short essay on my favourite teacher, my favourite teacher speech, or few lines on my favourite teacher for class 1, class 2, class 3 or class 4.

10 Lines on My Favourite Teacher – 1

1) Teacher is a person who guides students in gaining the knowledge and values in a society.

2) My Favourite teacher is Mr S.P. Vishwakarma.

3) He teaches us science as a subject.

4) He is fun loving and spiritual person.

5) He is very polite and friendly in nature.

6) He likes discipline very much and always be on time for the lectures.

7) He always uses practical problems of daily life to clarify the concepts of science.

8) He prefers learning by doing, rather than mugging the formulae of science.

9) He gives special attention to weaker students in the class for making their concepts clear.

10) He always encourages us to participate in the sports and extracurricular activities.

Please find below the additional set of 10 points on ‘my favourite teacher’ which are written in a very simple language, easy to comprehend and can be helpful for you in exam, quiz, debates, group discussion, speech, paragraphs, articles and essay.

10 Lines on My Favourite Teacher – 2

1) Mrs Madhumita Roy is my favourite teacher in the school.

2) She is also our class teacher and takes the attendance of the class before prayer session.

3) She teaches us history and mathematics.

4) She has a very unique style of teaching the subjects through presentation and charts.

5) She is very kind and loving by nature.

6) She also takes few sessions on moral values like good manners and strong character during regular classes.

7) She is good artist and motivates us to take part in drama and singing competition in the school.

8) She correlates the events and happenings by citing examples while taking sessions on history topics.

9) She also teaches us Vedic maths which is very useful in calculation like multiplication and division.

10) She gives us the assignment and exercises on daily basis so that our concepts get very much clear.

I have immense respect and love towards all the teachers who are acting like  torch bearers in society for sharing the path of knowledge and enlightenment to young children apart from teaching the normal routine subjects.