10 Lines on Importance of Teacher

Teachers are such an element of society whose importance is worth to be discussed. For making you aware of the values of a teacher, we have created some sets of 10 lines on the Importance of Teachers. You can read them below. I would recommend you to visit them right now.

Ten Lines on Importance of Teacher

Set – 1

1) Teachers are the most important in a society or a nation.

2) They help to nurture the children with the best care.

3) Their guidance helps children in leading towards the path of truth and honesty.

4) They help us in completing our formal education.

5) Apart from formal education, they also equip us with advance education.

6) In the absence of our parents, they take care of us like our second parents.

7) Their goal is to make social and civilized.

8) A teacher is not respected only in a school, but also in society.

9) Before making us a successful person, teachers make us a good human being.

10) The best thing that a teacher does is to tell us the value of success and help us in achieving it.

Set – 2

1) Education, the most important thing for us, can’t be achieved without a teacher.

2) A teacher provides a nation with doctors, engineers, scientists, officers, etc.

3) A child can never shape his life and future without a teacher.

4) He/she enables us to differentiate between right and wrong.

5) It is a teacher who enriches children with truth and honesty.

6) A teacher has no touch of hate and anger in his/her nature.

7) He/she has enough qualities to inspire the entire nation.

8) An unbiased teacher never promotes discrimination.

9) It is a teacher who reaches the nation to the summit of success.

10) In Hinduism and other religions, a teacher is regarded above God.

Though we have discussed many importances of teachers above, the truth is that we can’t summarize the importance of a teacher in a few lines. It is something that we can understand with an open heart. In the above sets, we just have discussed some of those points. The truth can be observed with honest behavior and a genuine heart.