10 Lines on Importance of Teacher

“I am indebted to my father for my living, but to my teacher for living well,” a quote by Alexander the great is true when we talk about teachers. In the real sense teacher is a mentor, guide, and developer of a person from her/his childhood. A teacher is called ‘GURU’-who brings light from the darkness of ignorance. The future of a nation depends on the hands of a teacher. Education is needed by all and plays an important role in different phases of life. Teachers are important persons in everybody’s life. They shape the future of their students to become successful in their life.

Ten Lines on Importance of Teacher

Set 1

1) Teachers are called the architects of a nation.

2) They shape the future of students and make them able to overcome the difficulties of life from schooling to universities.

3) They teach morals, ethics, discipline, Feeling of nationalism, and fill light in their disciple’s life.

4) As they are the most respected persons in society, they can guide society in a better way.

5) Teachers are important in a person’s life because they make her/him able to understand right or wrong to become a good citizen.

6) An ideal teacher contributes her/his knowledge and experience to show the path of righteousness and bring prosperity in the life of her/his students.

7)  A teacher is important because they search our faults and by many means try to remove them from the character.

8) They complain, scold or may give corporal punishments to mend the lives of their disciples.

9) They try to check the improvements through formal and informal tests verbal or written from time to time.

10) A teacher is the only person who is believed to be a virtual father and keeps a close concern with her/his disciples.

Set 2

1) Teachers are the most important person for upbringing a human brain and personality.

2) Without the help of a teacher, one cannot gain knowledge and remain in the darkness of life.

3) Teachers develop a child into a successful person by teaching different chapters of life.

4) She/he behaves as a mentor, guide, well-wisher, friend, and virtual father.

5) They take usual initiatives where there is needed; including love, care, and punishments.

6) Teachers devote their life to society and make different efforts to deliver knowledge to make the nation strong by developing good citizens.

7) Their approach to preparing their students with strong will power and brushes their brain to face any kind of situation is appreciable.

8) They the role models in the society, hence they have to maintain dignity and fill morality, discipline, and honesty to their work in her/his disciples.

9) They are believed as God because students pay respect to them and follow them.

10) An honest teacher always wants to see their students on higher responsible posts and become glad without any gluttony.

Set 3

1) Teachers play the main role in the success of a student or a person.

2) It is a teacher who encourages a student to attain the height of success.

3) A teacher teaches us moral values and fills us with good manners.

4) Teachers make the student believe that he can achieve all that he has dreamt ever in his life.

5) The punishments of teachers enable us to apply discipline in our life.

6) The teacher uses his experiences to make you grow in your life.

7) A teacher never forces you to hard work but he motivates you to do so.

8) A teacher always guides his students to get the right path towards humanity.

9) A teacher brings a deep-rooted change in his student’s life.

10) A teacher is a philosopher, a guide and also a motivation.

Set 4

1) Only a teacher has the ability to develop young minds.

2) Like knowledge, there is no substitute for a good teacher.

3) A teacher solves all your relevant doubts and opens your mind to absorb knowledge.

4) Teachers find all those qualities in a student that the student never thought existed.

5) A teacher makes the student believe that he has all the potential that one can have.

6) A teacher works selflessly and tirelessly to shape up the future of a student.

7) A teacher knows that every student needs a different way of learning and he teaches them according to their manner.

8) A teacher works on the sustainable and continuous development of his students.

9) A teacher teaches us to not postpone any work on tomorrow.

10) A teacher has the supreme position in deciding the future of the Nation.

After a deep study of these lines, we know that teachers are the most important person for a person’s life. Without the help and guideline of a teacher, no one can take forward a successful step in her/his life. Not only we have referred to school teachers but also the people from our childhood to the end many people who give a lesson in our life are our teacher.

Family is our first school and our elder family members teach us a lesson of life from the beginning of our life. Spiritual sagas also help in improving our life. Hence the importance of teachers in human life is important and keeps a great value in life. We salute our teachers who inspire and educate us to enjoy human life.

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