10 Lines on My School

Schools are playing vital role in shaping the future of our young children by providing them quality education and flexible curriculum which helps in building curiosity and improving their cognitive ability.

Many schools have gone beyond the traditional way of rote learning and brought new concepts which have not only improved the mental aspects of child but also the physical and social aspects.

Ten Lines on My School in English

After reading the below lines you would come to know what is school, what is the purpose of school, Why is it important to go to school, what is the role of school in our education system etc.

We have provided ten lines on my school in simple and easy words so that you can use these lines while writing short essay on my school, giving speech about my school, or few lines on my school for class 1, class 2, class 3 or class 4.

10 Lines on My School – Set 1

1) School is the institution which provides education and learning in a disciplined manner.

2) My school is the oldest school in the city and is run by a social organization.

3) The name of my school is Saraswati Vidya Mandir and it is situated in countryside.

4) My school has excellent facilities like computer lab, two science labs, big library and the sports ground.

5) My school has strict rules and regulations for everything which we have to follow on regular basis.

6) We have to go to the school in school uniform and our class teacher teaches us to follow school discipline.

7) My school is like a temple of knowledge where we are trained for social and professional life.

8) The atmosphere of our school is amazing .It is surrounded by trees, beautiful flowers and green grass.

9) My school conducts frequent sports activities, quiz competitions, debates, and group discussion on regular basis.

10) Teachers not only teach us the regular subjects but also take session on cleanliness, health and moral values.

Please find below the additional set of 10 sentences on ‘my school’ which are written in a very simple language, easy to comprehend and can be helpful for you in exam, quiz, debates, group discussion, speech, paragraphs, articles and essay.

10 Lines on My School – Set 2

1) School builds our confidence, enhances our intellectual capability and prepares for the bigger roles in future.

2) School is the first place where children make friendship and learn to be as a part of team.

3) School provides the creative platform to us where we learn the concepts freely from our highly qualified teachers.

4) School teaches us the importance of routine which becomes crucial when we head towards workplace in future.

5) School provides us an excellent opportunity to make the group of friends and community for learning and sports purpose.

6) School helps us in providing wealth of knowledge from various fields like history, geography, science, maths, literature.

7) School is the first place which builds the foundation of our behaviour in society.

8) School is biggest source of employment to many, as it has various departments and a big administration.

9) School club plan adventurous trips during summer vacation in order to provide experiences outside routine life.

10) School helps students to identify the goal, areas of interest and abilities through various platforms.

Below we have written 3rd set of 10 lines on My School. These points have been written in simple English, for easy memorization and effective presentation, whenever and wherever required. You can use these special lines in your school function, class debates or other similar occasions.

10 Lines on My School – Set 3

1) My school is just a couple of kilometers from my home.

2) My school is like my second home, where my teachers are my guardians.

3) I enjoy being in my school so much that I would love to visit even on holidays.

4) My school has ample space for playing and extracurricular activities.

5) Teachers and staff of my school are very cooperative and caring for the students.

6) My school has separate floors for junior, middle and senior sections.

7) My school organizes annual function and sports meet before the summer vacations.

8) My school aims for taking out the best in every student.

9) Apart from the subjective knowledge, my school has also developed my skills.

10) I think, I have made some friends for life in my school.

10 Lines on My School – Set 4

Below we are providing yet another set – 4th Set of 10 Lines on My School. You can use the set of 10 points in your class or school, during any competition or general debate with your friends. These few lines have been written in simple English language, so that you can easily understand them and also remember them.

1) My school is the best place where I always want to visit.

2) My school provides me education apart from my physical and social development.

3) My school provides nutritious and free meals for all the students.

4) My school is a co-ed, that is, it gives admission to both, girls and boys.

5) My school has a quite decent infrastructure and very generous staff.

6) My school organizes regular health checkup for its own students and nearby deprived children.

7) My school had been awarded for fostering overall development of the students.

8) My school organizes summer camp during the summer vacations.

9) My school even has a small garden where we love to spend time during the lunch.

10) My school aims for producing educated, well mannered and productive citizens for the nation.

School life is the best life because it gives us education, memorable experience, friends and happiness. We learn about our social responsibility and skills from teachers in school. School is important for everyone as it helps to acquire the knowledge and skills through which one can build a career in life.