10 Lines on Ideal Student

We pass through many stages of our life but the one, when we were students, is the favourite of most of us. Those were the days when we were tension free and had no worry about future and career. The only struggle in those days was to be the dearest student of our teacher. Only an ideal student can become the favourite student of the teachers. Here we have provided some sets of 10 lines on ‘Ideal Students’. You should check them right now.

Ten Lines on Ideal Student in English

Below we are providing 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Ideal Student in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can use these lines in your essay and paragraph to get good marks in exam as well as win prizes in competitions.

10 Lines on Ideal Student

1) An ideal student is ever thirsty for gaining knowledge.

2) His certain traits make him extraordinary among others.

3) He is a person who has an inborn winning attitude.

4) His ambitions are always high, and he keeps on striving to achieve his ambitions.

5) He is always goal-oriented and also, he has a plan of action to achieve those goals.

6) He is seriously dedicated and committed to his education.

7) He is always attentive in class while studying; he carefully listens to the lectures and raises his doubts.

8) He always respects his teachers and obeys their orders and instructions.

9) He is punctual in school and completes the works at the right time.

10) If he feels some difficulty in understanding something, he does not hesitate to ask questions from his teachers.

10 Lines and Sentences on Ideal Student

1) An ideal student is a responsible person who understands the value of everything and every word of his teachers.

2) He is very much friendly and helpful to his friends.

3) His unique personality attracts his teachers and elders and becomes a matter of inspiration for his fellows.

4) He is very creative and innovative; therefore, he thinks out of the box for a task assigned to him.

5) He is scientific from his thinking as he takes an interest in the new creation and gadget making.

6) Other students in his class always try to be like him and want to compete with and beat him in getting good marks.

7) He is fit, both mentally and physically as he is keen on sports and co-curricular activities of the school.

8) If he has a lot of competitors, on the other hand, he has lots of friends too.

9) He always avoids seeing others faults but consider his faults very alarming and tries to get rid of it as soon as possible.

10) He can think better about what is right and what is wrong and can act accordingly to it; in a better way than others.

5 Lines on Ideal Student

1) An ideal student becomes punctual.

2) He is well-disciplined.

3) He respects everyone.

4) He completes his/her work on time.

5) An ideal student is loved by all.

20 Lines on Ideal Student

1) An ideal student never gets unnecessarily absent from the school.

2) She/he faces any inclement weather and makes sure that she/he reaches the school on time.

3) Another quality of an ideal student is the punctuality of time.

4) An ideal student listens carefully to what he is learning in the class.

5) She/he never hesitates to raise his/her doubts in any subject.

6) An ideal student always discusses subjective and other vital issues with his/her classmates.

7) She/he always behaves disciplined and composed, whether in school or the house.

8) An ideal student never disrespects his/her teachers, elders or anyone.

9) An ideal student respects and gets inspired by those who perform well than him/her.

10) An ideal student never wastes his/her time in fruitless activities, like watching TV.

11) An ideal student is always enthusiastic and curious about learning new things.

12) Apart from being good in studies, an ideal student also fairs well in extracurricular activities.

13) She/he always behaves politely and stay disciplined in class and outside.

14) She/he never bullies anyone and also discourages others from bullying.

15) An ideal student always tries to improve in studies, sports and other similar activities.

16) An ideal student always chooses good friends who exhibit politeness and discipline.

17) She/he is not necessarily a class topper or someone with exceptional intelligence.

18) She/he has a sense of responsibility to society and the nation.

19) She/he is always truthful and loyal to his/her teachers, parents and friends.

20) An ideal student never looks for shortcuts and knows that success is achieved only by hard work.

An ideal student earns so much of pride and glory that his/her name becomes the recognition of his/her class. After leaving school for higher studies, his/her teachers always remember him and talk about him. Practically no one has all or most of these qualities as no one is perfect. An ideal student is an expectation of everybody so that other students can become serious and sincere.

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