10 Lines on Money Can’t Buy Happiness

The modern era is completely different from the older one. The thinking and behaviour of people have changed, and everyone thinks about the monetary profit only. They believe that money has the potential to buy you everything, but the truth is something else. Let’s learn about ‘Money Can’t Buy Happiness’ through the sets of 10 lines below.

Ten Lines on Money Can’t Buy Happiness in English

Below we are providing 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Money Can’t Buy Happiness in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can use these lines in your essay and paragraph to get good marks in exam as well as win prizes in competitions.

10 Lines on Money Can’t Buy Happiness

1) We can’t buy happiness with money but only certain commodities through it.

2) We can buy something which can give us temporary happiness but not permanent.

3) When we buy something of which we were in dire need, it gives us pleasure only.

4) Many people, even if they become rich; don’t leave their current work or job, as they feel happy in continuing so.

5) Many people do small things which make them happy which money can’t buy for them like engaging in a hobby.

6) Money is a temporary wealth which will disappear, but happiness from our soul will last long.

7) Rich people are not happier in comparison to the poor.

8) Rich people become insecure about their wealth and life, but poor sleep satisfactorily.

9) Some people become happy by doing menaces, frauds, corruption, giving sorrow to other people etc.

10) The money that we spend in the hospital and other medications can’t buy us happiness.

10 Lines and Sentences on Money Can’t Buy Happiness

1) Having money can bring you all the basic needs and comforts fulfilled.

2) The ability to purchase the goods and commodities makes you happy with that money.

3) Most of the people, while shopping for different things of their wants and desires, feel happy.

4) Sometimes people become unhappy due to their inability to afford those things.

5) If something or a commodity is lost, it brings unhappiness with it.

6) Consumerism in the world has made the material things responsible for a person’s happiness.

7) Money in the hands of a person shows his ability for fulfilling his desires and making his wishes completed.

8) People around you will respect you, when you have money without this, they will even don’t identify you.

9) Increase in anybody’s salary leads to a decrease in stress and tension, and it gives hope for that person to serve his family in a far better way.

10) If we compare love and money, money comes first because it’s the ultimate thing by which we will lead our life.

5 Lines on Money Can’t Buy Happiness

1) Money can only buy things.

2) We can’t buy emotions.

3) Things can give temporary happiness.

4) Poor people can be happier than rich ones.

5) Happiness comes with love, not money.

20 Lines on Money Can’t Buy Happiness

1) Money can buy only different goods and services but not happiness.

2) Money can buy us a new car and a new TV, but they will give us just pleasure, not happiness.

3) Money fulfils our greed, but happiness comes when we leave all our greed.

4) Even the costliest products bought become old fashioned after a few days.

5) Happiness depends upon one’s thoughts, emotions and attitude, not on one’s affluent lifestyle.

6) Researchers have proven that wealthy people bear more mental stress than the poor.

7) Resolving one’s debt doesn’t make one happier rather, it is just a task to be done and nothing else.

8) Money brings comfort in life with more complications.

9) Money can’t provide you love, sympathy and respect, which are sources of happiness.

10) Money can buy happiness only when we use it for the welfare of others, not ours.

11) Money has no relation to happiness until it is not materialistic.

12) Possession of money or any material cannot bring happiness ever.

13) A car satisfies until it has not got any problem that requires more money to be solved.

14) The winning of the lottery gives instant and momentary happiness.

15) Materialistic happiness is volatile and stays for a comparatively very short time.

16) A forced job can give you money but not happiness which you can get only by following your passion.

17) Money can’t bring you happiness; instead, it will seize it from you.

18) Since money is inconstant, so happiness arising from it would be inconstant too.

19) Money is just a tool to live your life, but happiness is a basic element to enjoy life.

20) Money provides us with eternal happiness, so never sacrifice your happiness for money.

There are two things, the first one is money and the second one is happiness. Both are complementary to each other because the absence of either will make you unhappy. We know that happiness is the state of our inner will which we can get by our efforts but on the other hand money is also equally important because we can buy such things with it, which are necessary for us as well for our families. Lots of relations break due to the absence of money, be it a family or love relation.

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