10 Lines on Happiness

Though there are people with different needs and desires in the world, everyone’s needs come to an end on happiness. All that we need in our life, we need them for getting happiness. Few sets of 10 lines on Happiness below will give you the complete idea of the topic, and you will certainly get happiness by reading them.

Ten Lines on Happiness in English

Below we are providing 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Happiness in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can use these lines in your essay and paragraph to get good marks in exam as well as win prizes in competitions.

10 Lines on Happiness

1) Happiness is a state of mind which reflects the positive and joyful mental condition of a person.

2) Happiness is a situation-based tendency which comes in a positive or joyful environment.

3) If your mind is full of peace, you can easily achieve happiness.

4) For achieving happiness, you have to be disciplined and control your mind.

5) Those who can live in moments, they can become happy very easily.

6) A tensed, angry and a perplexed mind cannot become happy.

7) There is a saying, “happiness increases and sorrow decreases with sharing”.

8) In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “happiness is when: what you think, what you say and what you are; are in harmony”.

9) For achieving happiness, one needs to keep himself away from negativity and balance against all the odds.

10) Everybody wants to be happy, but only a few people get it.

10 Lines and Sentences on Happiness

1) The “International Day of Happiness” falls on the 20th of March worldwide.

2) “World Happiness Report” of the UN tells the rankings of happiness based on various factors of life.

3) “Gross National Happiness” (GNH) is an index launched by the Government of Bhutan consisting of happiness and wellbeing of the population of that country.

4) In the happiness index, Finland is the happiest country in the world.

5) Out of 156 countries, India stands on 133rd position, a decline from 111th position in 2013.

6) We must try to create social and emotional bonding with others as it increases our happiness.

7) It is not beneficial to remember the bad pasts, so try to forget and just move on from that.

8) One must try not to compare himself with others as it will create a sense of inferiority complex.

9) Lots of people desire to have more money than they need, but money is not an agent of happiness.

10) To achieve happiness, we may become silly sometimes and try to do something silly.

10 Lines on Happiness

5 Lines on Happiness

1) Happiness is a state of inner satisfaction.

2) It reflects a joyful mood.

3) It generates positivity within us.

4) It can cure many diseases.

5) Being happy is good for our health.

20 Lines on Happiness

1) Happiness is a feeling of inner satisfaction and joy.

2) Happiness has the power of filling one with complete positivity.

3) Attaining the state of happiness is the prime objective of every human being.

4) The actual definition of happiness is not available.

5) It is not important to be wealthy to be happy.

6) Happiness is not to teach or learn, but it is to experience.

7) Happiness has no common factor, and it varies from person to person.

8) Happiness is a key to stay fit and healthy and to have a good influence on others.

9) Happiness fills us with the power to overcome the hurdles more effectively.

10) Instead of fulfilling our desires, we must work on obtaining happiness.

11) Happiness comes when one is completely satisfied and fulfilled.

12) Happiness helps in physical, mental and spiritual growth.

13) Happiness is related to our mental and emotional status, which no external material can provide it.

14) Happiness does not come from wealth or assets we have.

15) Happy people are more successful than others.

16) Happy people tend to live longer than those living with a bucket full of stress.

17) A good way to get happiness is to spread happiness as much as you can.

18) Only we can make ourselves happy no one else can do it for us.

19) Being a stoic can help you much in living a happy and contented life.

20) Happiness is the most important factor to live such a life that can motivate others.

We know that happiness is a state of mind of being happy and comfortable; on the other hand, we must avoid running after the materialistic things such as money, as it is a mean to gain comfort but not happiness. A person who is poor and has less money is happier in comparison to the person who is richer but is unhappy, frustrated and perplexed.

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