10 Lines on Santa Claus

‘Santa Claus’ is such a word that literally brings a smile on our face instantly. Children wait for Christmas because it is the festival on which Santa Claus comes and gives them many gifts. Though the character of Santa Claus is played by some local people who want to make children happy yet the character of Santa Claus is not imaginary but has originated from a real character. It was a bishop of the Church who later became the Santa Claus.

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Ten Lines on Santa Claus in English

Ten lines on Santa Claus are given below under many sets for you to understand and get help in your assignments.

10 Lines on Santa Claus – Set 1

1) Santa Claus is a western Christian character who brings gifts for children on Christmas Day.

2) Santa Claus is originally a Greek Christian bishop ‘Saint Nicholas’ from 4th century.

3) The modern Santa Claus has evolved from the character of Saint Nicholas.

4) Saint Nicholas always helped the poor and loved offering gifts to children regularly.

5) In 1087, the skeleton of Saint Nicholas was found in the Greek Church in Myra.

6) In the memorial of Saint Nicholas, a trend was followed to provide a gift for children on Christmas night.

7) In the common tradition, Santa Claus travels on a sleigh which is pulled by 8 reindeers.

8) Traditionally Santa Claus enters the house through Chimney to give the gifts to children.

9) In the US, Canada and many other countries, children put a glass of milk and some cookies at night for Santa Claus.

10) In some cultures, children often write a letter to Santa Claus containing a wish-list of goodies and behaviours they want from Santa.

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Another set of 10 lines on Santa Claus was needed due to information that was not shared through the first set. We have tried to summarize all the relevant facts in the 2nd set so that you must not be left with any kind of confusion. Since reading about Santa Claus is a kind of fun so let’s have that fun right now.

10 Lines on Santa Claus – Set 2

1) Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus was Christian and was devoted to his religion.

2) The skeleton of Saint Nicholas is still kept in Basilica Di San Nicola, a church in Bari.

3) The word Santa Claus is the phonetic derivation of ‘Sinterklaas’.

4) The name of 8 reindeers pulling Santa’s sleigh is Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen.

5) Besides the 8 reindeer in Santa’s sleigh, another reindeer with a red nose named ‘Rudolph’ was later added.

6) Original Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas has probably died about 350 AD.

7)  Usually, Santa Claus is figured as a bearded old man in a costume of fur and a big bag of gifts on his shoulder.

8) Santa Claus is called Shengdan Laoren in China, Father Christmas in England, Pere Noel in France and the Christkind in Germany.

9) Saint Nicholas became popular when he provided a dowry to 3 poor girls so that they won’t be thrown to prostitution.

10) Santa Claus is the most interesting character for which the children eagerly wait for Christmas.

5 Lines on Santa Claus

1) Santa Claus is associated with Christmas.

2) He is depicted as a jolly old man.

3) Santa is represented with eight reindeer.

4) He offers gifts to children on 24 December.

5) Santa symbolizes love and kindness.

20 Lines on Santa Claus

1) Santa Claus is a legendary figure that every child loves.

2) Santa Claus delivers gifts and presents to children on Christmas Eve.

3) Santa Claus was inspired by the Greek Christian bishop ‘Saint Nicholas’.

4) Saint Nicolas was a kind and helpful person.

5) Santa usually wears a red suit with white fur.

6) Santa Claus is depicted as a jolly man with white beard.

7) He delivers presents with a team of flying reindeer.

8) The reindeer are led by a single reindeer called Rudolph who has a red glowing nose.

9) Santa Claus is frequently joined by his trusted helper, the Elf on the Shelf.

10) Santa Claus is beloved by millions of people around the globe.

11) Santa Claus is a symbol of giving and selflessness.

12) The idea of Santa Claus has been used in various contexts.

13) On the night before Christmas, it is said that Santa Claus offer gifts to children.

14) Santa Claus is traditionally believed to enter homes through the chimney.

15) Santa Claus represents love, appreciation, and kindness.

16) Santa has been featured in songs, TV shows, and movies.

17) His modern-day image is based on the Dutch figure Sinterklaas.

18) He is often shown carrying a large toy sack filled with presents.

19) He is frequently depicted as laughing with a ‘Ho Ho Ho’ sound.

20) Nicholas died on December 6, the middle of the fourth century, and was buried in his cathedral church.

So undoubtedly the Santa Claus is the favorite character of children. We can imagine how generous Saint Nicholas would have been who always helped poor and loved children. Definitely the original Santa Claus is not alive but we can be Santa in others’ life. It is very simple and all we have to do is just to fill ourselves with a sense of humanity and intention of helping every needy. A Santa Claus lives in the heart of all of us and we just have to revive him.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Santa Claus

Q.1 Who is known as “Father Christmas”?

Ans. Santa Claus is also is known as “Father Christmas”.

Q.2 When Saint Nicolas Day is celebrated?

Ans. In many Christian countries, Saint Nicolas Day is celebrated on 6th December.

Q.3 Which song is sung by the Santa Claus?

Ans. Jingle bells is thought to be sung by the Santa Claus.

Q.4 Why does Santa always wear red clothes?

Ans. It is believed that the real Santa, Saint Nicholas wore red clothes when he helped the poor. It is also believed that red is the symbol of happiness according to Jesus.

Q. 5 What does Santa symbolize?

Ans. Santa is the symbol of Christmas mostly considered to fulfill wishes.

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