10 Lines on Christmas Celebration

Christmas is such an event that is mainly associated with Christians but is celebrated by the people of different religions and nations with the same enthusiasm. Christmas is one of the most awaited festivals of the year. The strange thing about Christmas is that it can be celebrated by people of all ages like children, youngsters, and adults.

10 Lines on Christmas

Ten Lines on Christmas Festival Celebration 2021 in English

Children wait for the day most eagerly because, for them, it is a day to get many gifts from their elders. Christmas celebration is a topic of worth to be read. You must check the sets at the Christmas celebration 2021 below.

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Set 1

1) Christmas is celebrated annually on 25th December as the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ.

2) Being a Christian festival, Christmas is celebrated by people of all religions.

3) Christmas is a public holiday all over the world and also in India.

4) The celebration of Christmas starts with cleaning the house and decorating it with beautiful lightings.

5) Decoration with objects mainly of red and white colors is most preferred by the people.

6) The Christmas celebration is incomplete without a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

7) Relatives and friends gather at one place on the day and a delicious feast is also organized.

8) Children wait for Santa Claus on Christmas night; he brings them many beautiful gifts.

9) Children put milk and cookies for Santa because they are his favorite food.

10) Children express their delight by sharing beautiful greeting cards.

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Another set of 10 lines on the Christmas Celebration is a good idea to boost your information. The set is summarized with some additional facts on the topic. As you see that the set is helpful for the readers of all ages so we have created every point in very easy language to make the sense of the set clear for the reader. You must check the set now.

Set 2

1) Although Christmas is a Christian festival, it is celebrated by people from all around the world.

2) On the day, the Churches remain the center of attraction with their tempting decorations.

3) The day before Christmas is celebrated as ‘Christmas Eve’ in the whole world.

4) Putting a decorated Christmas tree in the house is considered to bring prosperity for people.

5) Parents play the role of Santa Claus and secretly bring gifts for their children.

6) ‘Christmas Carol’ is the most often played song on Christmas Day.

7) The preparation of dishes starts with making plum cakes, cupcakes, and muffins for relatives and children.

8) Meeting with Santa Claus in red and white fur dress is the most enjoyable moment for children on the day.

9) People visit nearby Church, worship Jesus Christ and take the blessings.

10) The main essence of the celebration of Christmas Day is to help poor and needy people.

Christmas Celebration

Because Christmas is a winter festival so it is very important to take care of yourself during the celebration. There are many ways to celebrate Christmas but the best way to celebrate it is by filling us with humanity and helpfulness. Helping everyone, keeping others happy and forgiving your rivals is the best lesson that we can learn from Jesus Christ and Santa Claus.

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FAQs on Christmas Celebration

Q.1 Why do we say “Merry Christmas” instead of Happy Christmas?

Ans. The word “merry” was popularized after Charles Dickens (English writer) used this term in his publication. However, the word merry has more soulful meaning than happy and hence suited for this celebration.

Q.2 Why is Christmas celebrated on 25 December?

Ans. Nobody knows the exact birth date of Jesus Christ. There were many stories associated with it. According to the Roman calendar, 25 December was the date of the winter solstice.

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