10 Lines on International Law

Every country has some sets of rules which apply to its people. Every citizen of that nation is forced to follow those rules. In the same way, there is an International Law which is not for any particular nation but the entire world. What is that law, and what is that for? Your every question has the answer in the bellow sets of 10 lines. You should check them if you want your all questions to be answered.

Ten Lines on International Law

Set 1

1) International Law is a kind of agreement between the various countries in the World.

2) It applies in various situations like war, peace, epidemic, trade, tourism, and others.

3) The International Law is further divided into two parts as Public International Law and Private International Law.

4) The private international law is applied by a nation on an element related to some other nations.

5) The public international law is used to solve the conflict between two nations or their elements.

6) A commission namely ‘International Law Commission’ works on controlling, regulating, and monitoring international laws.

7) International Law protects the rights of foreign tourists and refugees.

8) The creation and application of International Law are based on the consent of the nations.

9) All the countries in the world have to follow these laws without any doubt.

10) International Law is to bridge a good relation among the different nations.

Set 2

1) International Law is for a whole nation, not for an individual.

2) The concept of International Law has arisen from very ancient times.

3) It existed due to frequent conflicts between various provinces in the early centuries.

4) International Law in modern times is far different than those in ancient times.

5) It was Jeremy Benthem who used the word ‘International Law’ for the first time in 1780.

6) The International Law has its sets of Human Rights, Labour Rights, and Environmental Law.

7) The cases related to International Law can be brought to the International Court of Justice, United Nation’s Security Council and the International Criminal Court.

8) The International Law works on reducing the conflicts and war between the nations.

9) It also shares the objective of protecting human rights irrespective of regional boundaries.

10) This law has no exception, and it comprises every community in the world.

The International Law is for every nation. It helps in maintaining peace and harmony so that to reduce the possibility of the next world war. These laws are amended from time to time, according to the need. We hope that they have provided you with ease in getting all the information.

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