10 Lines on Shivangi Singh

Girls in Indian Society have always been treated as weaker than those of the Boys. Women have proved their ability in every occupation including Engineering, Medical, Armed Forces, Technology and Film Making, etc and this is the reason why the opinion of the people has changed now. Such an example of successful women is Shivangi Singh who has achieved her goal of becoming a pilot and has made her family proud. Let’s read about her.

Ten Lines on Shivangi Singh

Set 1

1) Shivangi Singh is an Indian female pilot in the Indian Navy.

2) Shivangi joined the India Naval Operations on 2nd December 2019.

3) Shivangi has accomplished her basic training from Indian Naval Academy, Kerala in 2018.

4) Her later training was carried with the ‘INAS 550’, an Indian Naval Air Squadron.

5) Shivangi was supported much by her naval squadron in Kochi during her training period.

6) Shivangi is appointed to work with flying ‘Dornier’ aircraft.

7) She had been commissioned in June by Vice Admiral A.K. Chawla.

8) Shivangi has joined through 27 NOC Courses at the Indian Naval academy.

9) Shivangi’s aircraft will be equipped with many devices like advanced surveillance radars, electronic sensors, and networking.

10) Shivangi has expressed her joy after becoming a ‘Sub-lieutenant’.

Another set of 10 lines on Shivangi Singh is created by us. Some sorts of a biography of her life are provided through some special points below. The points will make you understand how she paved her way to accomplishing her dream. You can use these points in your projects or essays on the topic as per your need.

Set 2

1) Shivangi Singh is the 1st female pilot in the Indian Navy.

2) Shivangi Singh basically belongs to Muzaffarpur, Bihar in India.

3) Her father Hari Bhushan Singh is a School Principal and teacher while her mother Priyanka is a house-wife.

4) Shivangi had the dream of becoming an Indian pilot since the age of 10.

5) She completed her schooling from D.A.V. Public School in Muzaffarpur.

6) Shivangi earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Sikkim Manipal University.

7) She went to Malviya National Institute of Technology in Jaipur for further Studies.

8) Shivangi completed her training on 2nd December 2019 and joined the Indian Navy on the same day.

9) She joined the Indian Navy as a Short Service Commissioned Pilot.

10) Shivangi is the eldest of her two siblings, sister Jagriti and brother Harsh.

Sub-Lieutenant Shivangi Singh has joined the Indian Navy during her 3rd stage training and is very enthusiastic about her operations as an officer. Shivangi is an inspiration for the females of India and especially those who fail to acquire their goal due to the constraints of the society. Shivangi worked for what she had dreamt at the age of 10 and her story says that one must continuously work to achieve one’s goal.