10 Lines on National Energy Conservation Day

Some resources are non-renewable, which means they are limited on the Earth. Therefore, we need to save resources for the future. Energy conservation refers to the various efforts to save energy. It is expected that very soon, the consumption of energy is going to be doubled. Growing population and increase in industrialization are the common factors responsible for this hike. Hence, conservation of energy is very important.

Ten Lines on National Energy Conservation Day in English

Here, I’m providing ten lines on National Energy Conservation Day in the form of sets. This topic is very important for all the readers. The language is kept simple so that you can easily understand the importance of this day.

Set 1

1) The National Energy Conservation Day is remarked on 14 December every year.

2) It is observed by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency).

3) It is celebrated to promote energy conservation in India.

4) Various activities like national painting competitions are organized to promote this day.

5) On this day, awards have been given to the organization by the BEE for conservation and utilization of energy.

6) On this day, BEE requests every citizen to save energy.

7) Many Organizations including netizens, Ministers and all mark the importance of this day.

8) This day spreads awareness regarding the importance of conservation of energy.

9) This observance encourages the development of new and innovative ideas to save energy.

10) The main motive of this day is adoption of energy conservation measures.

National Energy Conservation Day

Set 2

1) On this day, various campaigns are organized by the students for resource conservation.

2) It also highlights the benefits of going green.

3) On this day, people take pledges to save energy.

4) This day ensures zero wastage of energy or to use energy wisely.

5) The first National Energy Conservation Award was given on 14 December 1991.

6) On this day competitions, various conferences, workshops etc are organized.

7) To mark the significance of resources, the Energy Awareness Month is celebrated in October.

8) Conservation of energy is important for a sustainable future.

9) The consumption of energy is increasing therefore; it needs to be saved.

10) It is a good step for a better and brighter future.


Knowing the importance of energy, the government has taken several steps to conserve it. Like the UJALA program, under which free LEDs were distributed to the citizens. However, it is the duty of every human to ensure zero wastage of resources. We can conserve energy by following a few steps. By replacing bulbs with CFLs and LEDs, which are energy efficient, switching off lights and fans while not in use, using solar energy instead of non-renewable energy, etc could help in conserving energy.

I hope the above given 10 Points on National Energy Conservation Day will be sufficient to motivate you to save energy. So, come let’s take the pledge to conserve energy together.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on National Energy Conservation Day

Q.1 What is National Energy Conservation Award?

Ans. This award is given to the organization for innovative and effective conservation of energy. Five categories from 17 sectors are included to be awarded.

Q.2 Who is considered as the Father of Energy Conservation?

Ans. Arthur H. Rosenfeld, a physicist is considered as the Father of Energy Consumption.