10 Lines on Indian Navy Day

The Indian Armed Forces offer three major areas of service. They are the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy. The Indian Navy is headed by the President of India. It is responsible for protecting the country from enemies through the marine borders. The Indian Navy has about 67,000 navy personnel and 150 ships and submarines. It is considered the 6th strongest Navy in the world. To encourage the job of Indian Navels, this day is observed every year in India.

Ten Lines on Indian Navy Day in English

Here, I’m providing a few lines on Indian Navy Day in the form of sets. You can go through these lines to know the significance of this day.

Set 1

1) Every year 4 December is celebrated as Navy Day in India.

2) It is celebrated to highlight the contribution and achievement of the Indian Navy.

3) The first Navy Day in India was celebrated on 21 October 1944.

4) After the Second World War, until 1972, Indian Navy Day was celebrated on 15 December.

5) On this day in 1971, the Indian Navy sank four Pakistani vessels, and hence the date 4th December is chosen to be celebrated as Indian Navy Day.

6) This day is celebrated to commemorate the victory of the operation trident.

7) On this day, the warriors who died in the Indo-Pakistan War are remembered.

8) Various events are organized by the Navel department during the Navy week.

9) The theme of the 2020 Indian Navy Day celebration was “Indian Navy Combat Ready, Credible and Cohesive”.

10) Due to the 50th anniversary of the trident operation in 2021, it will be celebrated as “Swarnim Vijay Varsh”.

Set 2

1) This day aware general public regarding the contribution of the Indian Navy in the country.

2) Indian Navy provides marine border security services.

3) Different countries celebrate Navy Day on different days, commemorating different events.

4) 1 December to 7 December is celebrated as Navy Week.

5) Due to the Corona pandemic; Navy Day, 2020 was celebrated virtually including a 360-degree virtual reality tour of INS Vikramaditya.

6) On this day, the Beating Retreat and Tattoo Ceremony are organized in the Gateway of India by the Indian Navy.

7) This day is observed to respect the Indian Navy for their hard work.

8) On this day, warships and boats are opened to the visitors.

9) The NIAT (Aeronautical Technology of the Naval Institute) conducts community services for the Navy people during this week.

10) The day also encourages the young generation to join Indian Navy.

Indian Navy Day


We cannot ignore the hard work of navy people. They have the responsibility to save millions of lives by securing the country. People who are interested to join Indian Navy Services (INS) must be qualified 12th from recognized boards. After that one can appear for various navy exams like NDA (National Defence Academy) or Indian Naval Academy. Being underwater for many days is not an easy job. Therefore, celebrating this day to respect them and their job is a good initiative.

I hope the above given 10 Points on Indian Navy Day were useful for you. So, let us come together and salute the Indian Navy for their courage and bravery.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Indian Navy Day

Q.1 Which country has the largest Navy in the world?

Ans. People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) or the Chinese Navy is the largest in the world according to the 2021 report.

Q.2 Who is known as the father of the Indian Navy?

Ans. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is known as the father of the Indian Navy.