10 Lines on All India Handicrafts Week

Handicrafts are handmade items which include decorative items as well as other useful things. The making of handicrafts does not involve any machines or automated tools. People work hard and design this thing with their hands. Dhokra (a kind of metal casting) is one of the oldest handicrafts still very popular in India. Pottery, handmade jewelry, crochet work, paintings, handmade carpets, shawls, etc are some examples of handicrafts.

Ten Lines on All India Handicrafts Week in English

Here, I’m providing ten lines on All India Handicrafts Week in the form of sets. These lines will be helpful for all the students to understand the importance of this celebration.

Set 1

1) All India Handicrafts Week is celebrated from 8 December to 14 December.

2) It is an annual program celebrated in every state of India.

3) All India Handicraft Board is responsible for conducting and managing exhibitions.

4) On this day, tribute is given to Late Smt. Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay, a social reformer who encouraged handlooms and handicrafts in India.

5) It is an important week when artisans can represent their talent through art.

6) It spreads awareness among people regarding handicrafts.

7) A big Eco crafts exhibition is organized in Imphal (city in Manipur) during this week.

8) Various exhibitions and artistic performances are organized on this day.

9) It is celebrated to keep the tradition and culture of India alive forever.

10) Awards like “Shilp Guru” and “Master Craftsperson of the Year” are given to respect and encourage the craftsperson.

Set 2

1) This week provides great opportunities to the artists all over India.

2) Different awareness camps, workshops, competitions, etc are organized in schools to encourage students in this field.

3) This celebration is very important for the benefit, progress and development of the artisans.

4) During the week, various works like Chikankari, Lac bangles, Kalamkari Painting, Folk Painting, Block Printing, Applique and Crochet, etc are presented to the public.

5) This week also covers the flaws and limitations in the development of handicrafts.

6) This week is mainly organized by the offices of the Development Commissioner and the Ministry of textiles.

7) In this celebration, experts are invited to share their experiences and also to help the participants.

8) During this week, for the welfare of craft artisans, free medical camps are organized.

9) It also provides a great platform to the dedicated handicraft artisans.

10) All India Handicraft Week is organized to flourish the handicraft market.


Handicraft sector is very important from the point of country’s economy. It provides employment to a large population including backward people and women. It also generates great revenue when exposed to the world market.

All India Handicraft Board was set up in 1952. The main function of this body is to assist the government regarding the issues and barriers in the development of handicrafts. It can also suggest various measures for its improvement.

I expect that the above given 10 points on All India Handicrafts Week will be helpful for you. If you are interested in handicrafts, you can also show your talent through this platform.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on All India Handicrafts Week

Q.1 Which states of India are famous for handicrafts?

Ans. Gujarat, Sikkim, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, etc are famous for their handicrafts.

Q.2 What are some famous handicrafts of India?

Ans. Kalamkari Art (Andhra Pradesh), Pashmina Shawl (Kashmir), Brass Handicrafts (Rajasthan), etc are some famous handicrafts of India.