10 Lines on International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development

Volunteering refers to the act of kindness. It means doing something without expecting anything in return for everyone. Volunteers give their time, support, and labor for the community benefits. There are many fields where volunteers play a major role in helping others, it includes areas like schools, social welfare, sports events, during natural disasters, etc.

Ten Lines on International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development in English

Here, I’m providing ten lines on International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development in the form of sets. It is an important topic that highlights the importance of volunteers in the country.

Set 1

1) International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development is celebrated on 5 December every year.

2) IVD or International Volunteer Day was started by the UN General Assembly in 1985.

3) It is celebrated to respect volunteers for their local, national, and international level contribution.

4) This day is observed by NGOs, private sectors, and other communities.

5) It is a theme-based annual celebration.

6) At the time of the Covid pandemic, volunteers acted as a forefront.

7) The day also encourages people to offer volunteer services.

8) Various marches, rallies, etc are conducted on this day.

9) On this day, people also take pledges of voluntary service.

10) Online awards are given to the volunteers for their contribution.

Set 2

1) This day is celebrated to encourage the Government to promote and support volunteers.

2) 2001 was the international year of volunteers in which various ways were adopted to support volunteers.

3) Countries do not observe any public holiday on this day.

4) This celebration is observed in about 80 countries around the world.

5) It supports people and organizations who volunteer and help in improving the lives of other people.

6) The main motive of this day is to strengthen voluntarism in the country.

7) United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programs also support International Volunteer Day.

8) The U.N. is responsible for choosing themes every year related to volunteering services.

9) The volunteers help in constituting peace and harmony in the society

10) Online platforms play a major role to make this day significant.


Volunteering is good for physical as well as mental health; it also improves the chances of employment. Volunteering is charitable work that involves helping others without any profit. There are more than 970 million volunteers all over the world. Every year the International Volunteer Day website receives more than 50,000 pages views. 

There are some sites where you can find volunteer opportunities in your area like VolunteerMatch.org, AllForGood.org, etc. Some best countries where you can volunteer include Peru, South Africa, Australia, etc.

I hope the above given 10 Points on National Volunteer Day would be useful for you to gain knowledge about this topic.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on International Volunteer Day for Social and Economic Development

Q.1 When does the National Volunteering Week is celebrated in India?

Ans. The National Volunteering Week is celebrated from 18 to 24 January every year in India since 2014.

Q.2 What was the theme of International Volunteer Day 2020?

Ans. “Together We Can Through Volunteering” was the theme for National Volunteer Day 2020.