10 Lines on Child Rights Day

Children are the future of the nation. In India people believe that children are the form of God. In India, various rights have been given to its citizens. Good and happy childhood can be achieved if the children have all the rights. Therefore, the Indian government has also proposed rights for children under the age of 18.

Ten Lines on Child Rights Day in English

Here, I’m providing ten lines on Child Rights Day in the form of sets. It is a very important topic for children as well as their parents to know about different rights of child.

Set 1       

1) Every year 20th November is celebrated as Child Rights Day in India.

2) It is observed to reconsider the rights of children.

3) It was adopted on 20 November 2007.

4) A national conference is organized on this day by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR).

5) This day is celebrated to make aware people about the rights of children.

6) Different programs are organized on this day.

7) According to child rights, children should be cared for and protected during their childhood.

8) This day ensures proper implementation or performance of the child rights.

9) Right to education, right to protection, right to survival, right to identity, etc are some children’s rights.

10) The main motive of this day is to preserve the rights of the children.

Set 2

1) Many governments, NGOs, civil society, etc organize events on this day.

2) In 2007, the National Commission for Protection of Child Right was established by the government of India.

3) Schools also promote this day by organizing events related to child rights.

4) This observance also ensures the protection of children’s rights and analyses its benefits and harms.

5) This day, aware parents about their responsibilities towards their children.

6) World’s children’s day is also celebrated on this day.

7) The Conventions on the Rights of Child were developed in 1989 by the UN general assembly.

8) Social media, newspaper etc are important means to spread child right awareness.

9) The child right was declared in 1959, after Independence.

10) This day aims to remove child labor, child trafficking, child abuse, child marriage, etc from the society.


Now also many people in the rural areas do not have proper knowledge about the rights of children. This day mainly targets the backward population so that they can use their powers. According to the reports, cases like child trafficking and abuse are increasing day by day. Therefore, implementation along with proper monitoring is important.

I wish this information on Child Rights Day will be helpful for you in many ways.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Child Rights Day

Q.1 What is meant by Child rights?

Ans. Child rights are the means to fulfill the basic needs of the minorities.

Q.2 Why are child rights important?

Ans. Child rights are important in order to protect their childhood from unwanted dangers and also to facilitate their healthy growth.