Paragraph on Good Friday

Jesus was the founder of Christianity, one of the major religions of the world. He was born in Bethlehem. However, the date of their birth is not clearly mentioned. He was a holy child born in the house of Joseph and Mary. He was considered as the “son of God”. He helped many people throughout his life. He sacrificed his life for the peccancy of the people.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Good Friday

Here, I’m providing some paragraphs on Good Friday under different word limits so that it could be useful for students of all age groups to understand this topic.

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words(Good Friday as “Black Friday”)

Good Friday is observed in order to remember the crucifixion death of Jesus Christ. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ was the son of God. It is the day on which Jesus was brutally exposed to death.

Some people consider this day as “Black Friday” or the mourning and sorrowful day. While some people consider it as “Holy Friday”, the day of joy.

Good Friday is observed annually, mostly in the month of April. However, the dates are not fixed. The Western Christianity uses the Gregorian calendar whereas the Eastern Christianity uses the Julian calendar to verify the dates of Easter and Good Friday. 

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Some people mention Good Friday as a happy day because they believe that Jesus saved them and freed them from their sins. He sacrificed his life which teaches us the lesson of humanity.

Good Friday is recognized by different names in different languages. In Latin it is referred as “Feria Sexta” (Friday of preparation), in Dutch this day is called “Goede Vrijdag”, in Germany, “Karfreitag” (Mourning Friday), in Arabic this day is known as “Great Friday”, the Bulgarian uses either “Crucified Friday” or “Great Friday” to mark this day. The people who spoke French and Spanish consider this day as “Holy Friday”.

Many Christian countries observe holidays on the occasion of Good Friday. However, some non-Christian countries also observe holidays on this day.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Good Friday is a sorrowful day for the Christian people. It does not involve any celebration. Some people even perform fast to show their sorrow.

The day is considered as the mourning day by the Christian community. Therefore, no special feast and activities take place on this day.

On this day, people go to church and worship Jesus. They thank Jesus for everything. Reciting hymns, reading bibles, prayer ceremonies, etc are organized in the churches.

The evening before Friday is marked as Maundy Thursday. It is believed that Jesus had supper for the last time on this day. After three days of Good Friday, that is on Sunday, Easter is celebrated. According to the Christian mythologies, on this day Jesus again came to life.

Jesus was hanged and buried but after three days, he was found alive. And hence people celebrate Easter or the resurrection of Jesus on the Sunday after the Good Friday.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words                                           

Here is the story associated with the observance of Good Friday and the celebration of Easter.

Judas Iscariot, one of the disciples of Jesus Christ betrayed him and informed the royal soldiers about his residing in the Gethsemane. He was rewarded with 30 silver coins. He pointed to Jesus by kissing him. Jesus was arrested by the soldiers.

The Jewish authorities claimed that Jesus wanted to become a religious leader by considering himself as the son of God. He was questioned many times. At first, he was silent but later he responded. At that time there was a Passover custom, which means the general public is asked to whom they release and what punishment should be given to the other prisoner. The crowd responded “crucify him” on the secret orders of the chief priest. And Jesus was sentenced to death.

A crown of thrones was placed on the head of Jesus. He was crucified along with two others at Jerusalem. He was alive for 6 hours. At the last hour, from noon to 3 the environment turned dark. His last words were “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

Jesus was buried in a tomb near the crucifixion site. On Sunday, Jesus was seen alive. On this day, Christians celebrate Easter.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

Good Friday is also observed as the end of “Lent”, 40 days of fast for Christians. The whole week is considered as the holy week. It starts from “Palm Sunday” to the Monday after Easter celebration which is known as “Bright Monday” or “Renewal Monday”.


The term Good Friday originated from God’s Friday. However, it is known by different names. In most Latin countries, people consider this day as “mourning day” whereas in some Eastern countries people celebrate this day as “Great and Holy Friday”.


On this day the Christian community observes fast. The father in the church recites the Bible (holy book of Christians). People pray and remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. No celebration takes place on this day. The days, Friday and Saturday are considered as the mourning day. However, on the next day that is on Sunday Easter is celebrated.

In Jerusalem, the place where Jesus died, people follow his footsteps. They walk to the site where crucifixion takes place. They also try to carry out weights on their back the same as Jesus did.


Good Friday is marked as the crucifixion day of Jesus Christ. It is observed in the holy week which starts from Sunday (before Easter) to Monday (after Easter). The dates of Easter and Good Friday vary every year.

Christian observe religious holiday on this day. Countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, etc observe public holiday on the occasion of Good Friday.

The death and resurrection of Jesus shows that “Good always wins over bad”.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Good Friday

Q.1 Why is it called Good Friday instead of any sorrowful term?

Ans. Some Christians consider this day as a holy day on which Jesus sacrificed his life for the sins of the world.

Q.2 Which country does not observe holidays on Good Friday?

Ans. Italy, Afghanistan, Japan, Bhutan, Pakistan, etc do not observe holidays on Good Friday.

Q.3 Who observes Good Friday?

Ans. Good Friday is mostly observed by Christian community.

Q.4 Is Good Friday a National holiday in India?

Ans. No, Good Friday is a gazette holiday in India.