Paragraph on My Best Friend

My best friend is my all-time partner. We study and play together. Whenever I feel sad, she/he helps me. We care and respect each other. My best friend is always good for others. He/She likes to help the poor and needy.

Short and Long Paragraphs on My Best Friend

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

My best friend’s name is Aditya. He is my classmate and we sit together in the class. We eat our lunch together in the recess. We help each other in studies and exchange notes when needed. We also know each other’s families very well.

We often visit each other’s houses during family functions or festivals. We have decided to never miss school and always respect the teachers. He is a very good student and is among the top scorers of the school. He takes part in any all the school competitions. I am proud of my best friend Aditya.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

My best friend is my classmate Neha. Her house is also near to my house and we travel to school on the same bus. Neha’s father is a teacher and her mother works at home. Her grandparents also stay with her. I have met her family and they are very nice and giving. She is very fond of chocolates and sweets.

Many times we share our lunches during the recess. Though; she is a good student, she is a little shy and unwilling to mix up with others. I help her overcome fear and make new friends. We like participating together in class or school events. In exams, Neha scores more than me, but she has never let me realize the same.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

My best friend is Mohan. He and I stay in the same apartment but on different floors. His grandparents stay with him while my grandparents stay in the village. I first met Mohan in the park where we play cricket. In the beginning, he was a little shy but then he opened up. Soon we became best friends. Mohan goes to a government school and is quite proud of his school. He tells me everything about his teachers and his friends at school.

He always comes first in the class in the exams. He has told me that he wants to become a doctor and help the poor. I also respect his dream and wish him all the very best. After the play, Mohan and I go for a walk in the park, discussing our day at school. We also discuss subjects and love to do that. I have learned so many good things from Mohan.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

My best friend is someone with whom I like to spend time. My best friend’s name is Irfan. We love each other’s company at school and also outside. He also knows Urdu and has taught me a little. We just love knowing new things about each other’s religion. We both share a deep respect for each other’s way of life and religious beliefs.

We love to share sweets and other delicacies on festivals. Irfan loves to play and takes part in many game events. One thing I like the most about him is his cool and calm nature. I have never seen him angry over anything. Irfan always respects the elders and always eager to help. I have seen him so many times, feeding a street dog, helping the poor and needy.

Even though we are in different schools, we are in the same standard and help each other in studies. He has a sharp mind and a very strong memory. He remembers almost everything his teachers tell him in the class. I have full confidence in Irfan and know that one day he will make his parents and me proud. I also hope that our friendship remains the same for years to come.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

Vikas is my best friend. We are in the same school, same class and also travel by the same school bus. The bus picks me first and Vikas gets in at the next stop. I eagerly wait for him and he always smiles when he sees me. On the bus, we discuss the homework and that day’s classes.

On reaching school, we run straight for the class and after keeping our bags, we move to the assembly. He has been singing National Anthem in the morning assembly for the past one year. He is really good at it and knows the exact meaning of every sentence. He is also very punctual and is rarely ever absent from school.

My friendship with Vikas has taught me many good things and habits. I also never get absent from school and always remain alert in class. He has also taught me to sleep early and rise early. The habit has helped me very much in staying alert in class. Now I don’t feel sleepy and lazy.

He always teaches me important facts about subjects and clears my doubts. He is very good at math and loves the subject. He also likes to spend time with computers and is the happiest in the computer lab. Vikas dreams of becoming a computer teacher when he grows up. He laughs and tells me; this way he will always stay with the love of his life – computers.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why best friend is important?

Ans. Best Friend helps us to face any situation and he/she stands always with us.

Q2. What is the best quote given for friends?

Ans. ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’ is a famous saying.

Q3. How do people enjoy with a best friend?

Ans. People enjoy different types of fun activities like playing and roaming.

Q4. What can a best friend teach?

Ans. A best friend can help you take important decisions in life.