10 Lines on Minorities Rights Day

India is a democratic nation and people belonging to different cultures reside in the nation. The constitution of India provides equal rights to every citizen of the nation without any kind of discrimination. There is not only the provision of providing these rights to the citizen but the constitution also guarantees these rights and safeguards them. There are some communities in different countries of the world that are present in very few numbers and thus stated as minority groups. Many times such communities are not able to enjoy their rights and privileges in society. Therefore, in order to avoid these problems Minorities Rights Day is celebrated in India.

Ten Lines on Minorities Rights Day in English

Here, I’m providing ten lines on Minorities Rights Day in the form of sets. This topic is very important for all the readers. The language is kept simple so that you can easily understand the importance of this day.

Set 1

1) Every year 18th December is celebrated as Minorities Rights Day in India.

2) Minorities Rights Day came into existence in India on 18th December in the year 2013.

3) The day is celebrated nationwide with a vision to safeguard the rights of minority communities.

4) Minority rights are essential for the groups who are disadvantaged socially or economically.

5) These rights help the minority communities to enjoy equality like that of people of the majority.

6) The celebration of minority rights day also makes people understand about minorities in the nation.

7) Several schemes and programs are launched by the Government of India on this day with an aim to uplift the minority groups in the nation.

8) On this day seminars, debates, discussions on the status of minority groups are conducted at different levels.

9) Different awareness programs are organized to make minority communities know and understand their rights.

10) Equal opportunity to every citizen without discrimination in the nation will help in the growth of the nation.

National Minority Days

Set 2

1) 18th December every year is celebrated as Minorities rights day in India since 2013.

2) It is because, on the same day in the year 1992, the United Nations announced the statement on individuals’ rights belonging to religious, linguistic, or ethnic minorities.

3) This led to the formation of the National Commission for Minorities by the Government of India in the year 1993.

4) The Ministry of Minority Affairs was also set up in the nation in the year 2006.

5) India has about 19% of the population belonging to the minority according to 2011 census data.

6) Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jain, and Parsis communities in India are stated as a minority.

7) The minority commissions were set up in different states of India to protect the minorities from deprivation of their rights in that region.

8) The goal of celebrating Minorities rights Day is to highlight the issues faced by different minority groups in the nation.

9) Every member of the National Commission for Minorities participates in the celebration of Minority rights day.

10) Different employment and educational schemes are launched in the nation on this day to empower minority communities.


There are some of the other issues that minority communities are facing every now and then in different countries of the world. It is evident that the nation cannot develop and progress without the contribution of each and every citizen. This can only happen when the people belonging to minority groups on any basis get their rights and freedom. They must be treated equally as other people in the nation. In this way, they will not be deprived of any employment and educational opportunities. The celebration of minority rights day will bring an understanding among all about the minority groups and it will also help in making the minority communities become aware of their rights in the nation.

I think that these sets of 10 Points on Minority Rights Day might be helpful to you all to enlighten you with the details of this topic. I hope that you will love and enjoy reading the sets of ten lines provided above.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Minority Rights Day

Q.1 What types of minority groups are recognized by the constitution of India?

Ans. The religious and linguistic minority groups are recognized by the Constitution of India.

Q.2 When was the Jain community notified as a minority community in India?

Ans. The Jain community was notified as a minority community in India on 27th January 2014.

Q.3 Who was the first chairman of the National Commission for Minorities?

Ans. Justice Mohd. Sardar Ali Khan was the first chairman of the National Commission for Minorities.