10 Lines on Lion

A lion is a wild animal which lives in jungle. He is one of the strongest animals. He is called as “King of the Jungle” due to his huge size, power and attacking nature. Today lions are found in sub-Saharan part of Africa and in Asia. They are represented as a symbol of pride, courage, glory and fearlessness. In ancient times, people, especially kings, used to hunt lions and keep their skin to show their courage and vigour to their enemies.

Lion is a large mammal of cat family. They also have their family with female lion called as “lioness” and offspring called as “cubs”.

Ten Lines on Lion in English

We are providing a set of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on lion in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. After reading these lines you will have a good knowledge about lions. You can add these lines in your essay and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in various school competitions

Furthermore it will also help you to understand more details regarding lion like why lion is called king of jungle, what is lion neck hairs called, when does lion hunts, what is the average life of lion, what is female lion called, what are baby lions called, what is lion group called, what is lion pride, what are the species of lion, how many lion species are in world, which is the largest species of lion, why lions are conserved, what is the importance of lions etc.

10 Lines on Lion

1) Lion is a large wild animal of cat family and it is one of the strongest animals of jungle.

2) Lion is called as “King of Jungle” because of its huge size and hunting capacity.

3) Lion has a strong body with four legs and a tail with very strong paws.

4) Lion’s neck is covered with long hair which is called as “mane”.

5) Lion is a carnivore animal and eats flesh by hunting other animals.

6) Lion produces “Roaring” sound which can be heard up to 8 kilometre distance.

7) Lion sleeps during daytime and hunts in the night.

8) The average life of lions is 10 to 14 years in jungle but when they are kept in the zoo, they live up to 20 years.

9) The female lion is called “Lioness” and it gives birth to its offspring called as “Cubs”.

10) On an average the lioness gives birth to 2-3 cubs but only one remains alive.

10 Lines and Sentences on Lion

1) Lions live in a group which is called as “pride”; 10 to 40 lions live in a pride.

2) In the group there are only 1 to 2 adult lions and others are lioness and their cubs.

3) Lions are very protective to themselves, their cubs and their area where they live.

4) Lions fight with other animals in order to protect their food as well as their group.

5) Male lions generally stay with their group and female lions do the hunting.

6) Approximately there are 10 sub-species of lions found in different parts of the world.

7) “South African Lion” or “Transvaal Lion” is considered as the largest sub-species of lions.

8) There are approximately 20000 to 39000 lions left in the world with 650 lions living in India.

9) Excessive hunting of lions has reduced their population worldwide which is posing a threat to ecosystem.

10) Lions are also kept in zoo for entertainment and recreation of the people.

10 Sentences on Lion

1) The lion is currently a vulnerable animal and is one in the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List.

2) One can hear the roar of a lion from the distance of 5 miles.

3) An adult lion can run with an average speed of 50 miles per hour for short distances.

4) The darkness of the mane of a lion indicates its age.

5) A lion sleeps for 18 to 20 hours a day.

6) Lions belong to the family of ‘Felidae’.

7) The closest relatives of Lion are Tiger, Leopard, Jaguar and Snow Leopard.

8) White Lions are the result of recessive allele and are very rare.

9) Lions mostly die because of attacks by humans or other lions.

10) The lion is worshipped in Hindu and many other cultures.

10 Lines on Lion

5 Lines on Lion

1) Lions belong to the cat family.

2) They are dangerous animals.

3) They eat other animals.

4) It is the strongest animal.

5) They are the king of the jungle.

20 Lines on Lion

1) Lion belongs to cat family and biologically called Panthera Leo.

2) Male lions (150-250 KGs) are larger than the females (120-180 KGs).

3) Usually the females of a pride hunt together to feed the pride.

4) Lion typically lives in grasslands and savannas, and doesn’t live in dense forests.

5) Previously lions were found in Eurasia, Africa and North America.

6) Today lions are found only in Sub Saharan Africa and Indian state of Gujarat.

7) A new born lion cub has dark spots which fade away with age.

8) The mane of a lion is the most recognizable feature of the species.

9) Lions with darker mane have longer life and high off spring survival rates.

10) The main purpose of a lion’s mane is to protect the neck and throat.

11) Lions with darker and longer manes are most likely to find a match than others.

12) Lions usually hunt during the day and rest in night.

13) Only male lions have manes, while females are mane less.

14) Males in a pride often get the largest share of a kill, followed by females and cubs.

15) Lion is referred to as the king of the jungle as no other animal can challenge him.

16) Lions don’t usually coexist with human population.

17) In some parts of Africa, lions rely on cattle domesticated by human population.

18) Lions reside in caves or dense shrubs, surrounded by grasslands.

19) Injured lions unable to hunt their natural prey often turn man eaters.

20) Today the world over there are only 20000 lions left and they need protection from extinction.

Lions are one of the most ferocious animals of this world. They are called as king of the jungle due to their big size, and powerful appearance. They are known for hunting but generally they are considered to be lazy and the female lions do most of the hunting.

Hunters kill lions for their skins, bones and furs for making medicines and showpiece items. This has put the ecosystem in danger. They are caught from the forest and are kept in the zoo where they feel depressed away from their wild life.

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