10 Lines on Cat

A cat, also known as a domestic cat is a carnivorous i.e. meat-eating animal. It has been tamed for approximately 10000 years. Cats are one of the most popular pets of this world. They belong to the origin of African wildcat. During ancient times they were tamed especially for the purpose of eating rodents such as rats, mice, small animals etc that were destroying the agricultural fields of farmers, later they were used as pets due to their friendly, playful and attractive nature with the human beings. Domestic cats can be found with long hair, short hair and hairless breeds. The word “cat” also comes under the category of other “Felines”. Felines are generally called as either big or small cats.

Ten Lines on Cat in English

We are providing 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on cat in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 through which you can know more about cats in a better manner. Furthermore, you can add these lines in your essay and paragraph writing in your exam or in school.

If you have to write my favourite pet cat essay or my pet animal essay then these lines will be very much useful. Further it will also help you to answer your question related to cats like what sounds cat make, can cat see in darkness, what a cat eats, what is the average life of cat, what is male cat called, what is female cat called, what are baby cats called, what is a kitten, how many breeds of cats are there in world, what is the religious important of cats etc.

10 Lines on Cat

1) Cat is a one of the popular pet animals which is tamed by human since long time.

2) They are friendly and playful with people especially with children.

3) Cats have four legs and one tail and they produce a “meow”, “purr” and “hiss” sound.

4) They can see and hear better than humans and they are able to see in night also.

5)  Cat is a carnivore animal which means it is a flesh-eating animal.

6) The average life of a cat is 10 years to 12.5 years.

7) A male cat is called as Tomcat and a female cat is called as Molly or Queen.

8) A female cat gives birth to its offspring which are called as “Kittens”.

9) On an average, a cat gives birth to 3 to 6 kittens at a time.

10) There are 500 breeds of cats which are known to the world.

10 Lines and Sentences on Cat

1) To express its love and affection, cats either produce a Purr sound or they lie on the floor.

2) Human beings especially the children love to play with cats.

3) Some species of cats like “Bengal Cats” are very responsive, they quickly respond after hearing a human voice.

4) Cats eat rodents like rats, mice and small animals which harm the agricultural field.

5) Research says that petting cats could reduce the chance of heart attacks as it relieves stress.

6) The “purr” sound produced by a cat has healing ability and could heal the injury of human beings faster.

7) It is believed that children who play with cats are less affected with breathing related problems.

8) Although cats are friendly and playful in nature, sometimes they get angry and could bite their owners.

9) In most Asian countries including China, people love to eat cat-meat.

10) In some religions cats are killed because they are considered as symbol of “Witchcraft” which brings bad luck to a person.

10 Lines on Cat

5 Lines on Cat

1) A small furry animal is a sweet cat.

2) They have sharp eyes.

3) They love milk and fish.

4) They are afraid of dogs.

5) They look cute and adorable.

20 Lines on Cat

1) Cat is a small carnivorous mammal which is a domesticated species belonging to family Felidae.

2) Cats are either house cats or free roaming ones those tend to avoid any human contact.

3) Domesticated house cats help the inmates by keeping the population of rodents at bay.

4) Cats have a very strong flexible body with fast reflexes and sharp teeth as well as retractable claws.

5) Cats are crepuscular meaning they are predators who are most active during the dusk and dawn.

6) Cats have a unique ability to hear sound almost inaudible to normal human beings.

7) Cats have a distinguished ability to see in dark, even in near complete darkness.

8) Cats also have a wonderful sense of smell, but they have a poor vision for colors.

9) Despite being solitary hunters cats are social animals and often live in colonies around a food source.

10) Cats living in proximity to human settlements have become dependent on humans for food.

11) Cats are widely domesticated animals, second only to the dogs.

12) Domesticated cats undergo minor behavioral changes and are also capable of surviving in wild.

13) Domestic cats are smaller in size and limb measurement than their wild counterparts.

14) Cat species come in varying sizes ranging from as low as 1 Kg to as heavy as exceeding 11 Kgs.

15) Cats have an unusually large eye socket and a powerful jaw with sharp teeth for killing prey.

16) A cat walks by placing its hind paw exactly as the place of its forepaw, without generating any sound.

17) Female cats mate with different males and give birth to kittens of different fathers in same litter.

18) Cats have a poor color vision and a limited ability to distinguish between red and green colors.

19) Cats have dozens of whiskers on their face, which help in sensation and navigation.

20) Cats have a acute sense of balance and always land on their feet after a fall.

Cats are very beautiful creatures of earth and one of the most popular pets of human beings. There are several varieties of cats. Cats eat rodents like rats, mice and other small animals in order to protect the agricultural land from getting damaged.

They are very playful and friendly in nature and are considered as best house pets but there are some superstitions which are attached with cats like they are the symbol of witchcraft; they bring bad luck with them etc which is totally wrong.

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