10 Lines on Forest

We all have written essays on Forest in our childhood. It is a very important topic and perhaps the most important one for every student. We also need the importance of forests, but definitely, there is something which we don't. Let’s read some interesting things about it through the few sets of 10 lines below.

Ten Lines on Forest

For Class 1

1) Forest is a large wild area left to grow naturally.

2) They mostly have natural occurrence but in some cases may be planted by humans.

3) Forest Plays a vital role in balancing the ecosystem.

4) Forest occupies over 4 billion hectares of world land.

5) The major classifications of forest are tropical, temperate and boreal forests.

6) Forests Provide clean air.

7) Forest Causes rain in an area.

8) Forest Prevents floods.

9) Forests Preserve groundwater

10) Industrialization, pollution and fire are a threat to the forests.

For Class 2

1) Forest is the large green ecosystem consisting of Trees and supporting various types of Life forms.

2) Forests are very much important for a balanced and sustainable development of mankind.

3) Forests cover around 30% of the world’s land surface area.

4) Forests help to clean the air, absorb harmful gases, regulate the earth’s temperature and mitigate climate change.

5) According to WWF, forests are home to 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity.

6) The industrial revolution in the world has affected the world’s forest heritage to a larger extent.

7) Deforestation is the main cause of the reduction of forest area day by day.

8) Many beautiful animal species have been extinct, and many are on the verge of extinction due to deforestation.

9) Cutting down of forests leads to major problems like global warming, climate change, floods, droughts etc.

10) Planting more trees, developing new forests and protecting the existing one helps us to safeguard from future disasters.

10 Lines on Forest

For Class 3

1) A forest is a large area covered with trees, plants, shrubs and bushes.

2) Forest is a beautiful creation of nature and the dwelling place of animals.

3) Forests are an important part of the ecosystem as they help in maintaining bio-diversity.

4) Temperature and rainfall also affect the development of different types of forests.

5) No forest exists in a desert area, only a few trees can grow, which survives on the groundwater.

6) A 'Coniferous Forest' is an evergreen forest found in the northern hemisphere.

7) A 'Deciduous Forest' sheds its leaves every year.

8) The 'Tropical Rainforest' is a very dense forest consisting of mainly evergreen trees all around the year.

9) Trees and forests help in purifying the air.

10) Forests regulate the atmospheric temperature by keeping the environment cool.

For Class 4

1) Forest helps to maintain climate change restricting the undesired change.

2) Forest is a house of thousands of species of animals, birds and insects.

3) It purifies the atmosphere and protects water bodies.

4) The wood available from the forests is very helpful for human.

5) For the millions of people, the forest is the major source of livelihood and daily household needs.

6) Australia, Brazil, China, Canada, Russia and America have the 67% forests of the world.

7) Indian states, Arunachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Maharashtra, have lots of green forests.

8) Jim Corbett, Ranthambhore, Sundarbans, Gir, Khasi are some famous forest and reserves of India.

9) Deforestation on a very large scale to make cities, apartments, buildings and offices is hazardous for us.

10) Deforestation harms the environment resulting in soil erosion, climate change and disturbance in the water cycle etc.

Forests are very important not only for us but also for the ecosystem because forests are the natural habitat of wild animals and birds. We get lots of things from the forests which include foods, fruits, wood and herbal medicines etc. Deforestation is very harmful to the environment and also for us so we will have to wake up and stand against it until it is too late.