10 Lines on Books

It doesn’t matter whether we are a student or not we get in contact with many books in our life. Different books of different subjects and topics somewhere prove to help us anyhow. We have created a few sets of 10 lines on books and provided below. You can check them as they will entertain you for sure.

Ten Lines on Books in English

You can find here some well written sets of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Books for children and students of Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 to get help in their school assignments.

10 Lines on Books

1) Any written and published work is a book.

2) A Country’s record of history and technological advancement is also available in the form of a Book.

3) Ancient humans used fragile palm leaves for writing.

4) The bronze era saw the invention of clay tablets impressed with a stylus.

5) In 2400 BC, Egyptians started using papyrus, beaten in thick sheets for writing.

6) Codex used in Egypt around 5th century was much similar to the modern-day book.

7) A revolution in the making of books came with the invention of paper in 105AD.

8) China had first used Paper.

9) The United Kingdom started publishing novels around 1830 AD.

10) The classification of books can be – fictional and non-fictional.

10 Lines and Sentences on Books

1) Books are the gateway to knowledge and wisdom.

2) The ’Latin Bible’ was the first movable type book printed in the year 1455.

3) Major forms of books are Novel, Poem, Drama, History, Short Stories etc.

4) Clay tablets were a medium to write on moist clay and then dried to store the information in 3rd BC, Mesopotamia.

5) The ancient Egyptian used Papyrus as a writing surface.

6) Roman civilization used parchment made from the goat and calfskin for writing documents.

7) Books are a unique way of storing and passing knowledge to the next generation.

8) International Book Number (ISBN) is a unique code of every book to differentiate it from others.

9) Books are now available in various formats such as E-books, E-PUB, PDF, Amazon Kindle etc.

10) As far as the quest for knowledge continues books will find their relevance in every generation.

10 Lines on Books

5 Lines on Books

1) Books are the ocean of information and knowledge.

2) Books can be of different types.

3) Reading books is a good habit.

4) It increases our vocabulary and skills.

5) Books are also a good source of entertainment.

20 Lines on Books

1) A book is a compiled page of information and knowledge.

2) Books impart knowledge and can also be entertaining.

3) Books are a man’s companion in loneliness and obscurity.

4) Anyone who has read good books, don’t hesitate in joining a conversation.

5) Books deal with many fictional and non-fictional subjects like science, story, history etc.

6) Knowledge through books helps us surely in some ways.

7) Books are essential in life because they guide life and career.

8) Digital version of many books is also available online for the readers.

9) Books are better than movies as the former provides more details than the latter.

10) Books are also much better than television as they don’t do any harm to eyesight and health.

11) Books are good for memory, and they improve the thinking and analytical abilities of the brain.

12) These days’ books come in also electronic forms, known as e-books.

13) Books are the best way to relax in the familiar setting of your house.

14) The knowledge of a person keeps on increasing as she/he reads more and more books.

15) Books give us an insight idea of the world around us and make us wiser.

16) Another advantage of books is that they improve your vocabulary.

17) Books are a source of learning about the things you like or about the things you don’t know.

18) Cultural and religious books form the basis of our culture and religious heritage.

19) History of books dates back to thousands of years to the advent of the civilization.

20) There is a famous and commonly used phrase that “a book is a man’s best friend”.

Books are a man’s best companion, providing a company, knowledge, information, improved vocabulary, making him more confident and positive. There are many numbers of good things a book does to you, provided you have time to read.

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