10 Lines on Technology

Any knowledge that we apply for practical purposes, can be termed as technology. Mobile phones, cars, computers are all examples of technology. Technology had helped the development of the economies and made our lives much simpler and comfortable as compared to the Stone Age period. Technology has helped the new innovation and invention which had simplified our lives and made us achieve milestones which were just dreams before.

The benefits of technology are unlimited and still its in crawling stage and there are many innovation of technology still to come.

Ten Lines on Technology in English

The 10 lines provided below will help you to deeply understand the topic and cater your need to write an essay on the same. You can use these lines to speak on the occasion of Science Day organized every year in your schools.  You can use the facts provided in the below lines to create placards and place it at various locations in your school on various occasions. Please go through the below lines and add value to your writing:

10 Lines on Technology - 1

1) It is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.

2) Technology has become an integral part of industry and livelihood.

3) Even a small pin and a big jetliner are all products of technology.

4) Initial technical tool developed by humans was a stone spear tied to a stick.

5) Egyptians were first to harness wind energy in sailing boats.

6) Wheels were invented around 4000 BC in Mesopotamia.

7) 12th century saw the use of simple tools like liver, screw and pulley being combined to form more complicated equipments like wheelbarrow, windmills and clocks.

8) Major breakthrough in communication technology was achieved in 19th century by the invention of telegraph, telephone, radio and television.

9) The 20th century saw a boom in technology in every field from production to space.

10) With the advent of Integrated Circuits (ICs), equipments have become more compact and efficient.


We have provided an additional set of 10 lines on technology to help you to amplify your knowledge and to enhance your essay writing, speeches or paragraph recitation in your class. These additional lines will help you to include some more valuable points in your writing and make it more interesting. So go through the below line and use them in your writing and impress your audiences:


10 Lines on Technology - 2

1) The knowledge with science implemented for the practical use can be defined as technology.

2) Technology has completely changed the world and our daily life to a major extent.

3) Things which were not possible few years ago are common sightings now.

4) The invention of Wheel, Spears and stone tools were most significant development in the Stone Age era.

5) From a Simple Watch to Super Computers we are surrounded by technology in our daily life.

6) Letters are history now, we use video conferencing to connect to our relatives and friends and this was possible because of technology.

7) It is because of the technology that we have reached Moon and planning to set up human colony on Mars.

8) Technology is not always a boon it could also be dangerous many times.

9) The development of Nuclear Bomb is a most dangerous child of technology which is a biggest threat to humanity.

10) We should always remember that technology is a good servant but a bad master.

Technology has many advantages like-reduces human efforts, saves time, improves communication and creativity. But it also has certain disadvantages like distraction, making humans lazy, higher use and maintenance cost and risk of use. Use of technology is inevitable but should be done with restrain keeping its harmful effects and risks in mind.